Should Have Seen That Coming:

From the Web page of The Astrological Magazine: "We regret to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, the publication of The Astrological Magazine will cease with the December 2007 issue."

(Hat tip: GeekPress.)

Reminds me of the old saw:

Come To The PSYCHIC FAIR! You know when and where.
1.17.2008 8:27pm
Dave N (mail):
Dr. B. V. Raman (founding editor of The Astrological Magazine but dead since 1996) should have seen it coming.
1.17.2008 8:50pm
And, of course, the time travel convention. It only needs to be held once.
1.17.2008 9:05pm
Thought the same thing when I saw a sandwich board, advertising psychic services, chained to a post.
1.17.2008 9:10pm
When a psychic wins powerball, I will abandon my skepticism.
1.17.2008 10:02pm
pgepps (www):
Odds are a psychic has won. Of course, given the percentages, the odds are against a psychic winning. . . .
1.17.2008 10:43pm
Scote (mail):

Odds are a psychic has won.

Yup, but only because there are so many of them.

There are at least two kinds of professional psychics: "eyes open" and "eyes closed," i.e. those who know they are frauds and those who don't. John Allen Paulos calls gambling a tax on the inumerate, so it is rather likely that those psychics in the latter group may gamble more than others on their mistaken idea that they can foretell the future.
1.18.2008 12:33am
Milhouse (www):
1.18.2008 12:50am
When I was in college I edited the student newspaper. As a joke I ran a horoscope in which the same 12 messages were recycled; I simply moved each message down a sign for the next issue (i.e., the message for Leo this issue would be the message for Virgo next issue, etc.)

What was really scary was the woman who wrote to tell me that my astrology column was far and away the most accurate she'd ever read.
1.18.2008 8:03am
I predict there will be much joking and merriment over this.
1.18.2008 8:23am
Jim Anderson (www):
Another enterprise falls victim to the mortgage crisis. If only a stimulus package had arrived in time...
1.18.2008 9:59am
rarango (mail):
Who said law professors don't have a sense of humor--great catch, Prof. V
1.18.2008 11:01am
theobromophile (www):
Well, maybe the magazine didn't have a definite birthday, which makes it hard to do its star chart... ;)
1.18.2008 8:16pm