Headline of the Year?

From the excellent Language Log.

Ladies and Gentlemen: We have a winner!
2.7.2008 1:30pm
Loren (mail):
For better or worse, the news station still hasn't moved to edit it.
2.7.2008 1:34pm
rarango (mail):
I am assuming that the gentleman in question is a plumber?
2.7.2008 3:04pm
John M. Perkins (mail):
Shouldn't this been posted after the AF ad post?
2.7.2008 3:21pm
Tracy Johnson (www):
I think a "Trackback" link would do the job just as well.
2.7.2008 3:25pm
Visitor Again:
Fifteen bags of crack were found in the crack between his buttocks. That's a lot of crack.
2.7.2008 3:26pm
rarango (mail):
Visitor: and conversely, that a whole lot of buttocks!
2.7.2008 4:04pm
So, did the headline writer intentially use "buttocks" because it was funnier than the more correct "rectum?"

I guess I'm assuming it wasn't implanted under the skin in the buttocks muscle, and you know what they say about assuming.
2.7.2008 4:42pm
If I were one of this gentleman's customers, I would certainly be greatly concerned about how he "stored" his product.
2.7.2008 4:48pm
abcdef123 (mail):
I like the mug shot. I'm wondering if this guy is going to be more bothered by his public humiliation than his jail sentence.
2.7.2008 4:50pm
GetReal (mail):
My favorte headline of all time showed up in the Nashville Tennessean one day several years ago when the mayor of Nashville was Bill Boner. Boner had the reputation of being out of town more than was necessary.
The headline: "Boner pops up in Disneyland Parade"
2.7.2008 5:14pm
That headline is fabulous, and it reminded me of this tangentially related story. My public-defender spouse represented a defendant charged with possession of crack cocaine. The police chased the defendant through a field and found crack cocaine in the general area of the chase. The police testified that during the chase they saw the defendant reach inside his pants, pull out a plastic baggie, and then toss the baggie. During opening and closing argument, the US attorney kept referring to the drugs that the defendant "had secreted in his underwear," pronouncing "secreted" as you would if you were talking about the secretion of a bodily fluid. I realize that's the proper pronunciation of the verb, but still, that's kind of icky. It seems to me that when you're talking about something in someone's underwear, you really don't want to be talking about secretions. I'd have gone with the less ick-inducing "hidden in his underwear."
2.7.2008 5:29pm
Buckland (mail):
That beat a local one we had. A town near me in WV is named 'Big Ugly' for the Big Ugly creek that flows nearby. After a lady in the community was died the paper proclaimed "Big Ugly Woman Found Dead"
2.7.2008 8:43pm