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Adam Kolber Signs Off:

My guest blogging stint comes to an end today. You can find my previous posts here: neurolaw, memory1, memory2, chimpanzees, punishment1, and punishment2. Let me also point you to a few topics I would have liked to have addressed in more detail, if time permitted:

Brain imaging and politics: See here and here.

Brain imaging for pain (especially chronic back pain): See here.

Doctors who use placebos deceptively: See here and here and here.

My thanks to Eugene and his co-conspirators for having me this week, and my thanks to all of you who offered thoughtful commentary on my posts!

Bender (mail):
Would you please provide some feedback on the posts: What you found useful, what you didn't, and why. Usually these guest postings involve more of a dialog.

Other than that I found your posts intriguing and informative. I intended on mentioning the first in a guest lecture I gave earlier today on criminal psychology (unfortunately ran out of time before I could get to it). Thanks for some very thought-provoking material.
2.15.2008 10:19pm