Our Task Is Vast:

From xkcd (via Language Log):

Mouse-over text: "What do you want me to do? LEAVE? Then they'll keep being wrong!"

mrshl (www):
One of my favorite web comics. And not just because it's geeky and hilarious. It's also one of the few great comics syndicated with a full RSS feed.
2.22.2008 1:31pm
wt (www):
At least he's in the act of typing out a comment.

I'll stay up an extra few minutes just to see if anyone else will (wrongly, of course) challenge one of my recent comments.
2.22.2008 1:32pm
JustSomeGuy (mail):

(I think Prof. Volokh deliberately mispelled the name :)

[Whoops, fixed, thanks! -EV]
2.22.2008 1:40pm
htom (mail):
A gifted artist, he talks to my soul. I don't know about this "someone", however; perhaps "somemany"?
2.22.2008 1:57pm
Ben P (mail):
xkcd is great, I think one of the best comics on the web, even though the occasional comic by them requires pretty specific knowledge of math or computer science to get.
2.22.2008 2:07pm
It should say:

2.22.2008 2:11pm
Ted F (www):
Wulak is correct. The strip steps on its punchline. I am going to write an angry email to the author expressing my dismay.
2.22.2008 2:29pm
John Armstrong (mail) (www):
It's interesting that you pick up on this XKCD, when every other blog in the world seems to have blown up over the previous one...
2.22.2008 2:40pm
Tony Tutins (mail):

Our Task Is Vast:

Unfortunately my wife thinks my wanting to comment is half-vast.
2.22.2008 3:58pm
Birdman2 (mail):
"I think Prof. Volokh deliberately mispelled the name"

Either clever or the opposite.
2.22.2008 5:20pm
LM (mail):
I'm suing for invasion of privacy.
2.22.2008 10:33pm
Charlie Hallinan (mail):
On much the same theme, the always rewarding Wondermark had this last September:
2.25.2008 1:03am