Sunday Song Lyric:
I heard "Our Love Is Here to Stay" playing last night at dinner, and since it's been quite some time since I posted a Gershwin lyric, I figured this one was as good as any for this week. So here's the intro to "Our Love Is Here to Stay" by George Gershwin (music) and Ira Gershwin (lyrics).
It's very clear
Our love is here to stay
Not for a year, but forever and a day

The radio
And the telephone
And the movies that we know
May just be passing fancies and in time may go

But oh my dear
Our love is here to stay
There are many memorable performances of the song. Here is one by Ella.
Gershwin is always a winner. Personally I like Irving Berlin. The entire score from Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in "TOP HAT" is great. of my favorites:

No Strings

I wake up every morning with a smile on my face
Everything in its place as it should be
I start out every morning just as free as the breeze
My cares upon the shelf
Because i find myself with

No strings and no connections
No ties to my affections
I'm fancy free and free for anything fancy

No dates that can't be broken
No words that can't be spoken
Especially when i am feeling romancy

Like a robin upon a tree
Like a sailor that goes to sea
Like an unwritten melody
I'm free, that's me


Bring on the big attraction
My decks are cleared for action
I'm fancy free and free for anything fancy

catch the dancing on Youtube
3.16.2008 8:47am
Q the Enchanter (mail) (www):
Great lyric. Shouldn't forget about the enduring version sung by Steve Lawrence on the Tonight Show to a swooning Johnny Carson (an act that at the time may have been almost illegal in several states).
3.16.2008 8:49am
Gringo (mail):
The Great American Songbook. Ella, Billy, Sarah, Frank, Louis ...
Gershwin, Berlin, Porter,Rogers, Ellington....

From Ode to a Grecian Urn:
Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.
3.16.2008 1:46pm
To go on - it's just as good:

Together we're
Going a long, long way

The Rockies may crumble
Gibraltar may crumble,
They're only made of clay

But our love - our love is here to stay
3.16.2008 11:48pm
The touching story about this song -- and I hope it's true, so I'm not going to look it up -- is that George left it unfinished, and that Ira finished the introduction, both music and lyrics, after George's untimely death.
3.17.2008 3:51pm