Spitzer Song Lyric:
Via reader John Burgess comes this clever rewrite of "Love Potion No. 9."
I took my troubles down to old D.C.
You know I came here straight from Albany
Told about place where my credit is just fine
That's when they called me Love Client Number Nine.

I told her gov'ner is what I'm called by chicks
I got elected back in 2006
She looked at my wallet and said I'd be just fine
She said what I'll call you is Love Client Number Nine
The rest is here.
Rod Blaine (mail):
Q. What's the difference between "Kristen" and E.T.?
A. ...
3.16.2008 8:38am
Rod Blaine (mail):
By the way, if my quick back-of-the-envelope and skim-Wikipedia calculations are correct, the mid-term departures of first Gray Davis and now Eliot Spitzer means that the last time time a Democrat was elected as Governor of one of the four biggest States, and served out their full term as Governor, was Anne Richards in Texas, 1991-95, ie, 16 years ago.

Someone correct me?
3.16.2008 8:48am
Rod Blaine (mail):
BTW, Iowahawk's also hit the "Love Potion No. 9" theme although no doubt he came up with it independently (different lyrics).
3.16.2008 9:26am
TheGoodReverend (mail) (www):
I think Lawton Chiles served the same four-year term as Richards. He died in his second term.
3.16.2008 9:50am
I, along with 5000 other guys, came up with the first verse the other day/

I took my troubles down to Kristen Who?

That trixie with the $1000 poon

She's got a pad down at 34th &Vine

You all know my name but to her I'm just Client #9.
3.16.2008 10:26am
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):
scuttlebutt is he wears a wife beater, three-button waistband boxers, garters for his socks, and wingtips.

Someone correct me?

Mario Cuomo? about the same term as Ann Richards.
3.16.2008 11:02am
Rod Blaine (mail):
Wikipedia (FWIW) gives Cuomo as vacating 1994.12.31 and Rochards as vacating on 1995.01.17.
3.16.2008 11:09am
glangston (mail):
The jury is still out on whether Arnold is a Republican.
3.16.2008 11:22am
Guru Big:
I feel much safer now, knowing that Mucasey protects me from high priced call girls.

No wonder FBI crime statistics are impressive.
3.16.2008 12:55pm
New guy on the block...need the informal protocols... are O/T's acceptable if held to a "reasonable" limit?
Is PC enforced by gendarmes wielding large "spike" buttons on their keyboards?
I ask the PC query because I'm a firm believer in the method of breaking PC and it's overweening acolytes is to simply refuse to play the PC game.

What is the overall tenor of the site? Right, left, evenly divided, otherwise?

Any former US Marines? Other citizens who have served?

Anybody still fighting for the US Constitution, or has capitulation to quasi socialism and/or ennui gripped the group?

Well that's a start. Oh one more, no two...anybody own land in Montana and are there any baseball fans?

3.16.2008 1:26pm
Syd (mail):
I'm a baseball fan. Grew up in Red Sox country, aka New England. It's weird thinking of them as world champions. At least the Cubs are upholding tradition.

It's also strange to think Tampa Bay and Kansas City are building decent baseball teams. Fortunately, the Pirates are still going to stink, so I can have some consistency in my life.
3.16.2008 2:12pm
New guy on the block...need the informal protocols... are O/T's acceptable if held to a "reasonable" limit?

No. Please take the time to read our comment policy. It is directly below.

Is PC enforced by gendarmes wielding large "spike" buttons on their keyboards?

Please take the time to read our comment policy. It is directly below.

What is the overall tenor of the site? Right, left, evenly divided, otherwise?

I'd say center-right, leaning libertarian.

Any former US Marines? Other citizens who have served?

Many among the commenters; not among the bloggers, as far as I know.

Anybody still fighting for the US Constitution?

Every single day, baby. Every single day.
3.16.2008 2:30pm

Thanks for the response. I'll keep moving on. Reading in between the lines of the Comment Policy screams that PC will reign as supreme regent..deviate and get I said the only way to fight PC is to not play by their rules which is to say that occasionally one must call a spade a spade. This doesn't sound like the place that would allow that to happen ... of course under the rubric of civility. Which in todays world is defined totally by grandfather played in the 1932 World Series for the Cubs ... maybe one day, huh. Thx again. H
3.16.2008 4:53pm
Sure, Habu. I suppose one man's freedom is another's PC reigning as supreme regent; maybe it all depends on how you want to articulate your arguments.
3.16.2008 5:25pm

That's certainly the diplomatic way today, which is to say for the last decade plus, the PC way. Certain argot is apropos but not PC enough so it is heavily condemned as being outside the "norm" The undiluted expression of disfavor with something sounds just like what I'm writing now ...plain vanilla.
Thx again
3.16.2008 6:56pm
Crane (mail):
Habu -

What do you mean by "fighting PC"? Nobody here will come after you with a spiked bat for saying black instead of African-American, but if you prefer n****r, you may get in trouble with the editors. It's my impression that all are welcome to express any political/cultural/social views they like, as long as they can do so without being abusive to others.
3.16.2008 8:01pm
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):

New guy on the block...need the informal protocols... are O/T's acceptable if held to a "reasonable" limit?

avoid... radical departures from the topic of the thread

it would seem "held to a 'reasonable' limit" is in bounds.
3.16.2008 8:51pm
John Burgess (mail) (www):
I'm not claiming authorship of this particular lyric. I just passed it along to Jonathan for consideration for his Sunday Lyrics.
3.16.2008 9:04pm
NickM (mail) (www):
Gray Davis served his complete term from 1998-2002 (CA's Governor takes office in December). He was recalled during his second term, in 2003.

3.16.2008 9:37pm
Rod Blaine (mail):
Aaah. Thanks, Nick, I thought my initial guess/ maths seemed a bit counter-intuitive.

Still means "The last time a Dem Governor of one of the Big Four States was elected to serve a full term" was 9.5 years ago, not 17.5.
3.16.2008 9:42pm
That's exactly what I was talking about. If I called Rev Wright a nigger the place would go berserk,( no disrespect intended but you enabled PC by using N****, in place of the word) lectures would cascade over me for using a racially charge word that N-people use every day.
Additionally having worked in "the community" I know the difference between a black, a Negro , and a nigger. Wright in his fullness is the latter and should easily be identified as such with no apologies for the vernacular, however that would never be allowed here I'm sure.

The point beyond using the correct identifier for Rev Wright is that it is not PC but righteously correct. But the grip that PC has on the population allows only for the inflation of ***##*# in place of the word everyone knows is attempting to be used. If one allows their adversary to define the vocabulary then they control the entire game.
I put Rev Wright in the same category with Rodney King,Michael Vick,Eldridge Cleaver, bobby Seale, huey Newton , and other brothers who have fully earned the sobriquet.

I must say that it is not my raison d'etre in life to run around yelling racially charged words or phrases but when applied judiciously it brings to the colloquy a fullness of meaning that **#*8 can't convey. Additionally it denies PC which I try very hard not to enable.
3.16.2008 11:41pm
Crane (mail):
Yeah, it's been my experience that when someone likes to talk about "hating PC" it usually means they want to use racial slurs without getting called a racist in response.

Think of it this way - calling someone a motherfucking asshole brings a fullness of meaning that $#&% can't convey. It's also crude and abusive, and the Conspirators would prefer not to have it on their site.

Incidentally, do you believe the average black person who calls other blacks "nigger" means the same thing you mean when you use the word? I don't think they do.
3.17.2008 1:20am
Apparently your experience in PC has been toward capitulation. It sounds as though you are a person who describes a chairman as a chairperson.

It's an extremely unsophisticated read, no doubt based on your (limited) experience that the motivation for people who want to put PC to sleep have, as a real agenda, shouting racial epithets. I assure you that is not my intent. But as you say that is your experience. Perhaps changing the company you keep could improve that.

Crude and abuse. Thanks for a full confirmation that you are fully a PC enabler.

Finally, having worked for CORE while in college I can tell you unequivocally that a nigger calling a nigger a nigger is totally determined by the circumstances in which the term is used. I would characterize my very limited use of the word as being in the same environment. I don't think you'd be able to make a very strong case that PC isn't pervasive and corrosive to communication as opposed to a positive toward the same. My focus is to remove the opaque gauze that now passes for an honest exchange of ideas and feelings. PC makes no allowance for that.
3.17.2008 10:46am
Meh, the limerick is the appropriate mocking poetic form.

There once was a governor named Spitzer
a real anti-corporate blitzer
He put four and a half grand
in a prostitute's hand
If anyone's worth it, then it's her
3.17.2008 10:48am
Fear not however. As I initially said, this isn't a forum where non PC comments have any chance of being anything but being misinterpreted as your comments show.

And I will say it is this sites loss as my experience in life is matched by very, very few people. I have traveled and worked on every continent on the globe, made millions in the brokerage field with Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney, worked for a decade undercover for the CIA, and worked for IBM in Beverly Hills ,CA. I have Masters in International Relations and can shoot skeet at world competition levels and bench press 300 pounds. Now I live in Florida and Montana on my wealth. All at 60.
You got game?
3.17.2008 10:56am
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):

I have Masters in International Relations

What could be more obvious...
3.17.2008 12:06pm
Crane (mail):

I assure you, I think PC speech codes have gone too far in many areas. However, as I said, people who like to tell everyone around them how much they hate PC generally hate it in large part because they now can't use racial slurs without being called a racist. Nobody gets lectured for saying "chairman" instead of "chairperson" outside of extreme liberal enclaves.

There's a regular commenter on this site who knows quite a bit about gun rights and the Second Amendment, and can be counted upon to say interesting and informative things about them. We appreciate this. He can also be counted upon to post bizarre rants about homosexuality when the subject comes up. Or related subjects. Or, on occasion, subjects that seem totally unrelated, but that he feels he can compare it to. He does not get flamed out of the room for it. To be sure, he's on safer ground than you are, as he generally does not use homophobic epithets and there are quite a few other commenters here who believe homosexuality to be wrong.

...this isn't a forum where non PC comments have any chance of being anything but being misinterpreted...

From the comment policy:
And if you think this is the other people's fault -- you're one of the few who sees the world clearly, but fools wrongly view you as a crank, a blowhard, or as someone who overdoes it on the hyperbole -- then you should still rewrite your post before hitting enter. After all, if you're one of the few who sees the world clearly, then surely it's especially important that you frame your arguments in a way that is persuasive and as unalienating as possible, even to fools.
3.17.2008 12:10pm
You've been most gracious in your presentation of the site. It could well be that I'm searching for something that doesn't exist.
Have a great year and much success.
3.17.2008 1:18pm
Crane (mail):

I suspect your problem is that most if not all websites where you can have an intelligent conversation without getting drowned out by trolls also have policies against profanity and racial slurs - and those policies play a vital role in keeping trolls from taking over.

Much success to you too.
3.17.2008 1:39pm
Rod Blaine (mail):
> "I have Masters in International Relations"

Mine is in Folklore and Mythology.
3.17.2008 4:42pm
Rod Blaine (mail):
> "I put Rev Wright in the same category with Rodney King, Michael Vick,... and other brothers who have fully earned the sobriquet."

Now there's a fight that I have no dog in.
3.19.2008 10:23pm