VC March Madness Pool:

As I noted the other day, the good folks at Armchair GM have invited us to have a VC March Madness Pool over there. To register, you can click

Our group in the Volokh Conspiracy (or Readers of the Volokh Conspiracy) and our password is "Volokh."

There is no entry fee. My colleague Ross Davies, Editor of the Green Bag, has generously agreed to donate both a Scalia and a Kennedy bobblehead. The winner gets first choice and the runner-up the other. In addition, to the winner I will award a Volokh Conspiracy T-shirt.

Armchair GM has set up the scoring system as a simple one: 1 point for each correct first round pick, 2 for second, 4 for third, 8 for fourth, 16 for fifth, and 32 for picking the national champion. No points for picking upsets or any other bells and whistles.

Armchair GM says that they will be shutting down entries sometime Wednesday evening Thursday morning around 10:00 a.m.

I am told this is their first time hosting this sort of thing, so I hope it will go off without a hitch, but I hereby disclaim the risk that something will malfunction.

Good luck!


Brackets will lock about 10:00 a.m. on Thursday.


I ask all Conspirators to please enter only one bracket. Note that you will have to register with Armchair GM with a username then enter "Volokh" as the password--and be sure to capitalize it.

Basketball Fan:
Tried logging on -- it doesn't work with either group name you provided. Sounds interesting.
3.18.2008 9:53pm
DNL (mail):
Should work -- email me w/bugs --
3.18.2008 9:56pm
Daniel Chapman (mail):
It works. Be sure to capitalize Volokh
3.18.2008 10:25pm
Dave N (mail):
Ok I don't want to sound stupid (but I know I will anyway):

What do we do for our User Name? Our VC "handle" or do we sign up with and then go back to the Volokh webpage?

And then we type "Volokh" as the password?

Any help appreciated.

3.18.2008 10:38pm
DNL (mail):
User name: Whatever you want to be known as on ArmchairGM

Entry name: Whatever you want your bracket to be called. I typically do something thematic (e.g. "The Wright Stuff" for a Mets group, corny but effective!) but whatever.

Password to add your entry to the group: Volokh
3.18.2008 11:06pm
are you allowing multiple entries? it looks like there are a couple of people with multiple brackets
3.18.2008 11:48pm
Dave N (mail):

I have no idea, though I don't see why not.

On an unrelated note, I was not having any luck opening the armchairgm link in a new tab, but when I clicked on the link and opened it over the VC page, I had no problems.
3.19.2008 12:21am
It seems unfair to allow multiple entries when there's an actual prize involved.
3.19.2008 12:25am
TTT baller:
How about a prize for best team name?
3.19.2008 1:31am
Zywicki (mail):
I intended to allow only one entry, but I'm not sure that I can control it if people enter under different names. But I'll check.
3.19.2008 7:14am
occidental tourist (mail):

this is good fun, but how about a free t-shirt for the closest premonitory paraphrase of the Heller opinion.

3.19.2008 8:47am
Rock Chocklett:
I submitted my picks, but my "max points" reads as zero while most others are at 192. Why is that? Just want to make sure I submitted correctly.
3.19.2008 11:55am
Rock Chocklett:
Never mind . . . I logged out and returned to the page several minutes later, and it's straight.
3.19.2008 11:58am
HipposGoBerserk (mail):
I will participate, but note that it's pathetic to give 32 pts for picking a winner and nothing for upsets. Be a man and either base pts on the winning teams seed or one per game.
3.19.2008 12:04pm
ToughJuiceCaronButler, UVA Law Gunner, WBMIV, WM8D all appear to be registered by the same individual using multiple accounts (whose name I will omit out of courtesy and so that people googling his name don't see this message).
3.19.2008 12:18pm
No week of guest-blogging as a prize? Come on, it's cheap, fun, and will give the winner a space to crow in.
3.19.2008 1:46pm
DNL (mail):
hattio -- We'll give you a lifetime of guest blogging, how's that?
3.19.2008 2:28pm