Slate Launches "Convictions" Law Blog:
Today has launched a law blog, Convictions. It's a group blog with a terrific set of people:
Ben Wittes, David Barron, Deb Pearlstein, Adam White, Dawn Johnson, Doug Kmiec, Diane Amann, Nancy Gertner, Jack Balkin, Kenji Yoshino, Marty Lederman, Orin Kerr, Patrick Keefe, Eric Posner, Richard Ford, Tim Wu, Viet Dinh, Walter Dellinger, Dahlia Lithwick, Emily Bazelon, Phil Carter, and David Feige
A number of the bloggers in the group already blog elsewhere, myself included; my understanding is that we'll all continue to blog at our home blogs in addition to the Slate blog, at least for now. In the meantime, check it out.
George Weiss (mail) (www):
no comments?-how elitist
3.17.2008 4:45pm
Not 100% sure, but I think if you click on the discuss button at the top, you can post comments (it's called The Fray). Haven't done so on Slate myself, however, so I don't know how it works.
3.17.2008 4:55pm
George Weiss (mail) (www):
i think thats just the general letter to the editor for slate-
3.17.2008 5:09pm
Gideon Kanner (mail):
For the benefit of us cyber-semi-illiterats, can you suggest how to enlarge the type size on that blog. Right now, it's just about illegible in spite of the fact that I use a large screen.
3.17.2008 5:24pm
Orielbean (mail):
Gideon, when you are on the page, hold the ctrl key and scroll your mouse wheel up or down - that is typical text font increase behavior. Or you can use the ctrl and plus or minus keys if you got no wheel.
3.17.2008 5:28pm
Looks good, but I have one quibble: I wish they would list the blog author at the top of the post (as this blog does) versus at the bottom. With a multi-author blog it's helpful.
3.17.2008 5:29pm
The Fray really isn't the same thing, as conversations tend to get muddled in there with different threads discussing different posts. The lineup of this new blog is definitely promising but I hope they might consider moving to a traditional commenting system. Orin-- have any influence in that department?
3.17.2008 5:40pm
BruceM (mail) (www):
I think you're terrific too, Orin :)
3.17.2008 6:00pm
Judge Nancy Gertner?
3.17.2008 6:07pm
Wayne Jarvis:
Dahlia Lithwick! Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Will there be snark? I love snark!

[meta-irony intended]
3.17.2008 6:29pm
Dave N (mail):
Just so long as OK doesn't forget us little people on the VC when he's posting elsewhere.
3.17.2008 7:34pm
Dave N, Dave N, hmm. No, doesn't ring a bell.
3.17.2008 8:01pm
Bill Dyer (mail) (www):
I recognize many of those names. Are any of them actual full-time practicing lawyers?
3.17.2008 10:15pm

As for practicing lawyers:

- Feige was a Bronx Defender &, by his own account, a dick in the defense of his clients.

- David Barron, I assume is the HLS guy &not the lead attorney in Baze v. Rees.

- Nancy Gertner is a federal trial court judge.

As for the rest . . . .
3.17.2008 10:33pm
sef, was Feige the guy I read a profile on in some magazine a year or so back?
3.17.2008 11:52pm
Dilan Esper (mail) (www):
Kmiec has an interesting post on the Second Amendment, and it doesn't take the position you might expect.
3.18.2008 12:52am
I'll keep an open mind, but I must admit these were my thoughts as well.
3.18.2008 7:05am