End of the Line for the Heller Line?:
The Legal Times blog has a story on the public line for the Heller argument. It reports that there were already 32 people in the public line by 1:45 pm, suggesting that the line probably filled up sometime this afternoon. Thanks to Howard for the link.
Dave N (mail):
Yet another reason to join the United States Supreme Court bar at the first opportunity (the cool certificate and impressing people who don't know that the requirements are rather lenient are two other reasons).

I suspect the lawyer's section will also fill up, but doubt many bar members will be camping out to get a seat.

I await OK's comments on Rothgery since it is important to criminal law geeks like myself.
3.17.2008 7:11pm
Dave N,

Shhhhhhhhhhh! Dude, don't give up the secrets of the Supreme Court bar that easily.

Oh, and comments on Rothgery forthcoming.
3.17.2008 7:24pm
I was at the line delivering refreshments to a friend, it was 60+ by 7 PM. That's a long time to wait for few minutes, if you don't make the cut. Overall moral was great. Although, a Ron Paul campaign car was spoiling an otherwise lovely view of the Capitol.
3.17.2008 10:15pm
Chris M:
Some picture of the line here:

3.17.2008 11:02pm
Tony Tutins (mail):
Regarding the media trucks: I know CNN at least, always keeps a media truck parked next to the Court. They back it down the street when something big is happening.

Regarding the site linked to: when did this "black rifle" stuff start? What exactly is a black rifle?
3.18.2008 1:10am
jesse (mail):
I'm not sure when it started, but many people have started using the phrase "evil black rifle" to describe AR-15s (and other "military-style" firearms) to make fun of people who are scared by the cosmetics of said guns.
3.18.2008 1:49am
Ernst Blofeld (mail):
AR-15's traditionally have black furniture: socks, handguards, anodized black receivers, etc. In contrast to traditional hunting guns and older military weapons, which had blued metal parts and wood stocks.
3.18.2008 2:16am
Tony Tutins (mail):
In contrast to traditional hunting guns and older military weapons, which had blued metal parts and wood stocks.

So the wooden stock and forearm of an AK mean it's not a black rifle? :)
3.18.2008 2:26am
James Gibson (mail):
Technically, Yes. The AK47 has never been called the black rifle. Historically its a moniker for the Army M-16 (the first black rifle) and it goes back a few decades. Many other modern guns are made almost completely of black plastic and black chrome metal, but they are not called a black rifle. At the same time you can have a wood stock, wood pistol grip, and bright chrome barrel on an AR-15 and it still would be a black rifle. Oh and Gun controlists also use this title to describe the AR-15 as evil (like the Black hat on the baddie).
3.18.2008 3:13am