Funny Name for A Law School Parody Show:
Harry "Issue" Spotter and the Goblet of Breyer.
Compare this (rejected) name from the University of Chicago in 2003: Harry Posner and the Geoffrey Stone.
3.17.2008 8:49pm
Caliban Darklock (www):
I've always thought they should make a porno named "Hairy Pecker and the Odor of the Penis".

Probably not a good name for a law school parody show, though.
3.17.2008 8:56pm
Rod Blaine (mail):
The New Republic had a long Jeffrey Rosen piece titled "Breyer Restraint" when the Hon Stephen was first nominated, a decade back.
3.17.2008 10:33pm
Trevor Austin (mail) (www):
Prof. Kerr,

Thanks. We put in a lot of work this year, and we're very proud of the result. I'm glad the Record liked it too.

Trevor Austin, Parody 2008 head writer
3.18.2008 8:51pm