Yet Another Post on the Heller Line:
C'mon, I know you're curious. This time, some pictures, and a report from a commenter that by 7pm the line was 60+ long -- with the last folks in line preparing to stay all night just to see a few minutes of the argument in the rotating line.
Paul Milligan (mail) (www):
With people standing on line for days, I can understand why SCOTUS only lets them stay in the room for 3 minutes .....

Here's hopin' for a Career Day for Alan tomorrow !!! I have confidnece in him, and the work he and Bob L and all the others have put into this monumental case !!!
3.17.2008 11:26pm
TomHynes (mail):
Both <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a> and <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a> have long been bookmarked in my favorites. I am worrying a little, please tell me I am not alone.
3.17.2008 11:43pm
Jeffery W Wilson (www):
It's going to be a VERY chilly night downtown...I hope these folks brought enough clothing and that they have warm sleeping bags (and pads, to keep them off the sidewalk).
3.17.2008 11:53pm
I've promised my friend a hot Sausage McMuffin with Egg tomorrow morning. I plan to bring a few extra with some coffee for his neighbors. I wasn't able to camp due to a final for a half semester class tonight. The very least I can do is help out with some support.

I'd also like to point out that the Georgetown Lex Militia is well represented in the line.
3.17.2008 11:57pm

You are not alone! I read the Volokh Conspiracy and arfcom everyday.
3.18.2008 1:30am
Carl in Chicago (mail):
AR 15 dot com, the "Black Rifle" forum, makes Volokh. What a deal. I have two friends from Chicago supposedly in that line...but unfortunately didn't see them in the pics. Thanks for posting them, Orin.
3.18.2008 10:10am
Rock Chocklett:
Question for those of you more familiar with Supreme Court traffic:

I'm interested in going to a future oral argument session (any old case will do). Is there usually a line for non-controversial cases? Would showing up an hour or so beforehand be sufficient?
3.18.2008 12:01pm
Chris 24601 (mail):
This line's up to 80.
3.18.2008 2:51pm
federal farmer (www):
My wife and I joined the line around 2pm and were numbered 41 and 42.

Much kudos go out to "Sarah" (#8) who organized the line ordering. It made everyone feel better about leaving to get food and attend to other biological functions.

Much kudos to SCOTUS security who squeezed in over 60 of us. Also to the head guy who moved my wife up to row 5 from the extreme back of the hall.

As a side note, I believe that they had an undercover officer in the line. Makes sense.
3.19.2008 3:03pm
cody.wms (mail):
I got there at 145 or so, and was in fact 31, not 32 as quoted on the BLT. No one showed up behind me for another hour. It ended up being a very enjoyable time. I expected to be very bored and brought tons of stuff to read, but I didnt actually crack a book all night. Everyone was very cordial, and I dont know of any line tom foolery that went on. Sarah keeping the list smoothed everything out. Kudos the the GTown student that organized the group-buy pizza too.
3.19.2008 8:16pm