Doc Nix v. Knute Rockne:

For the first round matchup of George Mason v. Notre Dame, Rick Garnett of Mirror of Justice and Prawfsblog hereby announce the contest of the tournament--bobbleheads to the winner!

If Notre Dame wins then I will award Rick a bobblehead of the mighty Doc Nix, the fabulous conductor of the George Mason pep band (proceeds to the Edison High School Marching Band). As to the good Doc's natty attire, it was well-described in Dan Steinberg's Washington Post column this morning :

Nix was, as always, dressed in a style that could either be described as "flashy but classy" or "cut from a cloth that Elliot Spitzer's friends might recognize."

If I win, Rick will award me a Notre Dame bobblehead to be named later (watch his blogs for an update).

And for those who assume that God will give the Domers an edge, I note this additional observation from Steinberg:

At one point, campus chaplain Father Peter Nassetta appeared, in sunglasses and collar, slapping high five with the Doc and then exuberantly leading his band through Bon Jovi's "Livin on a Prayer;" Nassetta's [sic] later pointed out that the song's name has certain religious implications.


If Notre Dame wins ...

If I win...

If Prof. Zywicki is able to singlehandedly beat Notre Dame's basketball team, playing 1 against 5, he should get more than just a bobblehead for his efforts.
3.19.2008 12:19pm
Chris 24601 (mail):
I don't understand why the winner of the bet gets a bobblehead. Shouldn't the loser be required to display the other school's bobblehead in some prominent, humiliating way?
3.19.2008 12:54pm
Due to the fact that my alma mater has decided to shed its Catholicism in order to move up one or two spots in the USNWR ranking (THANKS Fr. Jenkins!), I will leave it at this:

3.19.2008 5:44pm