VC March Madness:

A reminder for anyone interested that we have a VC March Madness pool over at Armchair GM. To register, you can click

Our group in the Volokh Conspiracy (or Readers of the Volokh Conspiracy) and our password is "Volokh." Be sure to capitalize the V.

The brackets will be locked down Thursday morning around 10:00 a.m., so you still have time to make your picks.

There is no entry fee. My colleague Ross Davies, Editor of the Green Bag, has generously agreed to donate both a Scalia and a Kennedy bobblehead. The winner gets first choice and the runner-up the other. In addition, to the winner I will award a Volokh Conspiracy T-shirt.

Armchair GM has set up the scoring system as a simple one: 1 point for each correct first round pick, 2 for second, 4 for third, 8 for fourth, 16 for fifth, and 32 for picking the national champion. No points for picking upsets or any other bells and whistles.

PLEASE SUBMIT ONLY ONE BRACKET PER PERSON. I hope that admonition will be sufficient, but we will be checking as well. Anyone who submits more than one bracket will be disqualified. If you have submitted more than one bracket already, please withdraw your extra ones.

Good luck!


[C]aring about the success of strangers on sports teams that happen to carry the name of my city or school is a waste of time.

-David Bernstein (channeling Ayn Rand)

David and I feel that the opportunity cost, as measured in lost intellectual productivity, of rooting for sports teams is under-compensated by the vulgar pleasures of athletic fandom.

We'll be talking about Heller instead.
3.20.2008 8:01am
Jay (mail):
Even before 8 a.m., ArmchairGM's site said the "tournament ha[d] already started" and wouldn't allow me to join....
3.20.2008 8:57am
DNL (mail):
We fixed it -- the cpu clock was off :(
3.20.2008 10:38am
Sorry if this comment is off topic, but does anyone know how to close your airchairgm account? For the life of me, I cannot figure this out on their website. Thanks!
3.20.2008 11:05am
HipposGoBerserk (mail):
b. (and implicitly David)

I feel very sorry for you. I think we have evolved as tribal animals and there is a primal response to participating in mass events such as occur at sports events. Few things are as exciting as being in a crowd of tens of thousands singing and cheering for a team (or anything, really). The rush from channeled, non-violent conflict between tens of thousands of such cheering people, such as March-madness games, tops nearly everything I've experienced. Win or lose, investing in a team or a game has always been well worth it to me.

3.20.2008 11:54am