Speaking of the hiring season:

I'm delighted to report that I've accepted a position as Assistant Professor at Emory Law School, in Atlanta. That position will start in Fall '09.

During the '08-'09 academic year (while my wife clerks for Fifth Circuit Judge Jerry Smith in Houston), I'll be a Visiting Assistant Professor at University of Houston Law Center.

Prosecutorial Indiscretion:
Congratulations Sasha! Future Emory law students are in for a treat.
3.31.2008 12:03pm
PatHMV (mail) (www):
Fantastic news, Sasha. Congratulations to both you and Emory!
3.31.2008 12:05pm
May you spend many a happy hour at the Richmond Arms pub in Houston.
3.31.2008 12:17pm
Just Curious:

(And thank you for the much more "restrained" bit of info. on hiring. David's over-the-top shameless plug made him sound like some kind of GMU circus barker.)
3.31.2008 12:18pm
Sasha Volokh (mail) (www):
Just Curious: David is the hiring committee chair -- that's his job! I'm just a participant.
3.31.2008 12:24pm
Sean M:
Congratulations to you, Sasha, and your wife. Judge Smith's opinion in Hopwood v. Texas stands as one of my favorites and I am sure that Emory is in for a treat.
3.31.2008 12:30pm
John M. Perkins (mail):
Welcome to Georgia.
3.31.2008 12:31pm
Steve P. (mail):
I really hope you're not a football fan.
3.31.2008 12:39pm
ClosetLibertarian (mail):
Congratulations! Which courses (law and econ)?
3.31.2008 12:40pm
Raffi (mail) (www):
Congrats, Sasha - this is great news.
3.31.2008 12:41pm
Sasha Volokh (mail) (www):
Closet Libertarian: At UH, I'll be teaching courses in Administrative Law, Intro Law &Econ, and a privatization seminar. At Emory, nothing's decided yet, but it'll be similar -- probably mainly focusing on Administrative Law and Law &Econ-type courses.
3.31.2008 12:44pm
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):
Hot tip:

Michael Bellesiles's apartment is available.
3.31.2008 12:44pm
FormerATLien (mail):
You will want to visit Manuel's Tavern. Easily the best place in Atlanta for a burger, beer, and debate.
3.31.2008 12:52pm
Congratulations! The Ginger Man in Rice Village (which may or may not be in an entirely different part of that enormous city from U of H) is also a lovely place. Like Brickskeller in D.C. in that it boasts an impressively long beer list, but unlike Brickskeller in that it actually has the beers the menu says it has. (There's one in Austin too.)

Congratulations also to the missus on the sweet clerkship.
3.31.2008 12:55pm
Kovarsky (mail):
smith is presiding on the skilling panel.
3.31.2008 1:39pm
Pon Raul (mail):
Congrads. Too bad you aren't staying at GULC. What is Hanah planning on doing in Atlanta?
3.31.2008 1:44pm
Colin (mail):
Congratulations to your family on clerking and teaching in Houston. Condolences on having to live there. I recommend the Market Street bar as near the courthouse, nicely Texan, and having both steaks and salads that are surprisingly good, surprisingly cheap, and surprisingly fast. The Yatra Brasserie is also good, and right near the courthouse, too. I also recommend the Blue Nile as the best Ethiopian restaurant I've ever been to, even though they don't do traditional communal-style meals. And, of course, the Alamo Drafthouse is a fantastic place to see a good movie, and makes even bad movies worthwhile. Finally, the Houstonian Lite is an excellent gym just one block from the court, and they have a nice discount for federal employees.
3.31.2008 1:52pm
John Tillinghast (mail):
Congratulations Sasha! I hope you really enjoy Georgia.
3.31.2008 2:14pm
Le Messurier (mail):
Since David Bernstein is loath to accept comments, I'll ask the question here: What is a "lateral". Not all of us are in academics or lawyers, or on a hiring committee, so we are not necessarily conversant with the jargon. I can guess at it's meaning, but I'd prefer more precision than a guess.
3.31.2008 2:43pm
DavidBernstein (mail):
I'm not loath, they just aren't working. Lateral means you come from another law school where you already have a position.
3.31.2008 2:47pm
Ilya Somin:
Congratulations, Sasha!
3.31.2008 3:09pm
Amanda Butler (mail):
Congrats, Sasha! That's fantastic!
3.31.2008 3:18pm
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):
on that note, I'll have a loath of pumpernickel, David.
3.31.2008 3:38pm
BZ (mail):
Oh, and in Houston, the Goode Company barbeque chain is locally famous. Started by a Rice alum 30 years ago, and now on about four different blocks, it caters a lot. Near UofH, but closer to Rice.

Another thing about Houston, if you thought Atlanta was humid, you'll have even more fun in Houston. As do many transplanted Californians, learn to sweat.
3.31.2008 4:00pm
BZ (mail):
Err, said Californians. Meant Washingtonians.
3.31.2008 4:01pm
Colin (mail):
Oh, and in Houston, the Goode Company barbeque chain is locally famous.

Goode is OK. But if you're going to be in Houston all year, take a Saturday and drive to Lockhart, Texas. About an hour and half out, on the road to Austin. There are three world-class BBQ places there that are easily among the very best in Texas, and therefore the world. Kreuz's Meat Market, Smitty's BBQ, and Black's BBQ. Black's is the easiest (they even serve sides and offer plates and utensils), Smitty's is the most traditional (meat served on butcher paper, no utensils, no sauces, and sides are slices of wonderbread and whole avocados). Kreuz's is somewhere in between. You owe it to yourself to try each one.
3.31.2008 4:09pm
Tern (mail):
As a U of H 3L, welcome to the Law Center! I'm sorry I won't be around to take a class from you. At least, I hope I won't be around...

Don't be put off by our dungeon-like decor. We believe in preparing students for BigLaw.
3.31.2008 4:38pm
Sasha Volokh (mail) (www):
BZ: But you were right the first time. I'm a transplanted Californian, and I already think D.C. is too humid!
3.31.2008 7:06pm
Outgoing Emory 3L:
Welcome to Emory. I think you'll find it is a congenial community with a goodly mix of liberals, conservatives, and libertarians within the student body. Atlanta is a dynamic city with affordable homes, excellent restaurants, and good sports.
3.31.2008 9:19pm
I'd like to echo all the congratulations here and say that my experience with your brother last semester in Crim makes me want to call my cousin (about to be an Emory Law alum) and tell him to fail a bunch of courses so he can call you "one of my professors."
3.31.2008 9:33pm
Sasha Volokh (mail) (www):
gwinje: You realize that Eugene and I are actually separate people.
3.31.2008 9:54pm
Ron MeXXXico:
Goodes BBQ = ugh. seriously.
3.31.2008 9:56pm
Professor (Sasha) Volokh:

I do, and I didn't mean to insult you. I also know that my sister and I share many sensibilities, an idiosyncratic sense of humor and many other (what I consider) valuable personality traits. I would feel confidant recommending a class taught by my sister if someone told me they enjoyed me as their (God forbid--not because I don't think being a law professor isn't admirable (my dad teaches at Iowa)--but because I don't think anyone, ever should be exposed to me for that many hours) professor.

Let me be more precise: Based on reading several of your posts, perusing your website a handful of times, reading (and understanding as best I could) a few of your papers and being incredibly impressed with your brother, I expect that your future students will find having you as their professor rewarding.

I'm sorry if my enthusiasm for your brother overshadowed what I meant to say: Congratulations and good luck.
3.31.2008 10:22pm
tcg (mail):
Congrats, Sasha! er... Professor Volokh! I graduated from Emory in 2004. The quality of the faculty was good and looks like it's been getting even better. From what little I know of you from this blog, you should fit in well and help continue the trend. Atlanta is a great city with transplants from all over. Best of luck to you and your wife in Houston and when y'all eventually make it to the ATL.
3.31.2008 11:00pm
Sasha Volokh (mail) (www):
gwinje: I was just joking! Thanks for your vote of confidence!
3.31.2008 11:27pm
Professor Volokh: Phwew. . . I was a little worried.
3.31.2008 11:31pm
Houston2L (mail) (www):
Sigh... some of us noted the name on the class schedule and were trying to keep this on the DL for sign up purposes. Hopefully enough of our profs have banned laptops in class for me to have a chance.
4.1.2008 12:19am
Amber (www):
Congratulations, Sasha.
4.1.2008 1:03am
BZ (mail):
Ah, permit me a couple of additions:

1) I didn't say Goode Co. BBQ was great food, I said it was locally famous, meaning mostly that it is served often at catered events. The founder was a good friend (no pun intended) of one of my co-counsels on several SCotUS cases. I MUCH prefer the Texas BBQ places out of town, with butcher paper tables and all. Once drove four hours from SA to one, with good results. But Goode is not bad.

2) A quick story illustrating the difference between Houston and D.C. weather: taking my son to visit Rice in March. D.C. is still cold and snowy. Houston is warm and sunny, and Rice has those spreading oak trees over broad green lawns. They put the parents in a big lecture hall with floor-to-ceiling windows, and droning presentations. Just outside the window: a beautiful co-ed in really short shorts, bending over, picking up a frisbee. I turned to the friend next to me and said: "they should really have the boys in here instead of the parents."
4.1.2008 5:29pm