"Supreme Court Grants Cert in 'Fantasy Baseball' Case;

Three Justices Recuse Themselves Due To Participation in High Court League." The New York Personal Injury Law Blog has more. "The high court league has been around for years, and is known as Articles For Deletion, based on an old spoof about amending substantial parts of the Constitution to increase the court's power. When the league was named, there was a vote between AFD and Least Dangerous League ...."

Thanks to Konstantin Medvedovsky for the pointer.

PatHMV (mail) (www):
I am astounded to discover that this turns out not to be an April Fool's joke...
4.1.2008 5:34pm
Eric @ New York Personal Injury Law Blog (www):
When you have one justice who attended an actual fantasy camp (Alito) and another with a framed scorecard in his chambers (Stevens) then you know you're gonna run into some hard core fans.
4.1.2008 5:46pm
Gary P. (mail):
Good to know that Mr. Finch is still active!
4.1.2008 5:47pm
erics (mail):
I read this earlier today. Still not convinced this isn't a hoax.
4.1.2008 5:57pm
Well, it could become true later, though I doubt it would be quite as interesting. The Supreme Court has been known to become irrational when it comes to baseball
4.1.2008 6:06pm
HUSL_Lawyer (mail):
Articles For Deletion = April Fool's Day

I'm just sayin'.
4.1.2008 6:06pm
Gary P. (mail):
@ erics: Google the name "Sidd Finch."
4.1.2008 6:08pm
No orders today. April Fools.
4.1.2008 6:09pm
byomtov (mail):
Stevens, teamed with retired administrative clerk Ernie Thayer, drafted the much despised Jimmy Blake. This prompted a good deal of abuse about a judge drafting a player with legal problems, and the "what if" factor if the case ever came before the court.

Hoping, no doubt that Blakie would "hit the cover off the ball."

While Googling, check Ernest Thayer.
4.1.2008 6:24pm
PatHMV (mail) (www):
Ahhh... thank you, Alias.

Now that's a well-executed April Fool's Day joke. Real case, real controversy, lots of Google hits for [fantasy baseball supreme court].

I feel no shame in being taken in by such an excellent prank.
4.1.2008 6:39pm
dejapooh (mail):
Had me going until Sidd Finch was mentioned in the article.
4.2.2008 12:16pm