Sunday Song Lyric:
For some reason, "The Torture Never Stops," by the legendary Frank Zappa, seems an appropriate song lyric for this week. The song begins:
Flies all green and buzzin',
in this dungeon of despair.
Prisoners grumble and piss their clothes,
and scratch their matted hair.
A tiny light, from a window hole,
a hundred yards away,
is all they ever gets to know
about the regular light in the day.
The full lyrics can be found here.
DD (mail):
Thought I would post this for folks here to glance at - has received some discussion on instapundit and within the scienceblogs community but hasn't, to my knowledge, been brought up here:

4.6.2008 11:41am
George Weiss (mail) (www):
the beatings will continue until morale improves
4.6.2008 11:56am
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):
Thought I would post this for folks here to glance at -

As you exit, my handmade Pampered Pooch® Adirondack Dog Furniture is on display in the lobby, popularly priced.
4.6.2008 12:05pm
Thought I would post this for folks here to glance at -

As you exit, my handmade Pampered Pooch® Adirondack Dog Furniture is on display in the lobby, popularly priced.

Nothing but the best for my Frenchy.
4.6.2008 12:23pm
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):
not one speck of cereal...
4.6.2008 12:30pm
JosephSlater (mail):
That lyric is so pre-9/11. . . .
4.6.2008 12:31pm
So Zappa has lyrics that don't inolve sex with: a vegetable/an anus/one's hand?

Or should I look at the "full lyrics" before jumping to any conclusions?
4.6.2008 1:08pm
Hoosier, please, you give the man too little credit. Some of them also involve lesbians and water sports.

Y'know, somebody had to Bluebook all those footnotes and I'm betting it wasn't Yoo. Interesting to imagine the expression on the face of whoever got the job of editing and cite-checking Yoo's torture memos.
4.6.2008 2:37pm
phants (mail):

That link leads to an amazing story. Excerpts:

Hidden behind such generous estimates and far-reaching conclusions are compelling economic incentives. In the VICP, petitioners’ attorney’s fees and costs are paid by the court, regardless of whether a claim is successful; a petitioner need only demonstrate that the petition was filed in good faith, and that there was a reasonable basis for the claim. Such an arrangement enables ordinary citizens to seek compensation for vaccine injuries without incurring extraordinary legal expenses. The elimination of litigative risk, however, provides a motivation for VICP specialists facing a paucity of substantiable claims to nurture exaggerated public perceptions of vaccine risks; to overstate the likelihood that facts in compensable cases are similar to those that are not; to promulgate dubiously-supported claims of the range of maladies that might be caused by vaccines; and to encourage individuals and families grappling with chronic, disabling medical and developmental problems to attribute causation of those problems to heretofore unrecognized, “long onset” vaccine reactions.

There is a comfortable income to be generated by attorneys who provide legal representation in even marginal vaccine-injury claims. The fees paid by the VICP to petitioners’ attorneys, regardless of the merit of their clients’ allegations, are enumerated in many unpublished decisions available on the U.S. Court of Federal Claims website. The following list represents all unpublished decisions on attorney’s fees and costs issued in the last eighteen months for cases in which Mr. Shoemaker served as petitioner’s counsel. In two-thirds of these, the Special Master determined that the petitioners’ claims of vaccine injury did not meet the relatively relaxed, “fifty percent and a feather” standard of proof required to establish eligibility for compensation.

Compensated (7) : $330,158.04
Dismissed (15) : $254,291.25
TOTAL (22) : $584,449.28

4.6.2008 4:26pm
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):
wanna buy a Doggy Divan?
4.6.2008 6:02pm
AntonK (mail):
Give it a break Adler. What is it, "torture" some kind of sexual fetish thing for you? Do the readers of this blog a favor and save your little fantasies for your bedroom.
4.6.2008 6:51pm
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):
well, I know it is for me...
4.6.2008 7:46pm

Go to and start your own blog. It's easy and it's free!
4.6.2008 8:00pm
Duffy Pratt (mail):

I don't think Stinkfoot has references to any of those things.
4.7.2008 5:53pm