"Leading Cases in the Bible":

An interesting 1905 book for those who are interested in the Bible as a reflection of legal institutions and legal attitudes of the era, from the perspective of a lawyer rather than a social historian or theologian.

Thanks to Joel Sogol for the pointer.

Houston Lawyer:
"Thereupon God, without making any inquiry of the serpent and without hearing anything that it might have said in its defense, punished it ..."

From over 100 years ago, that's funny.
4.7.2008 6:54pm
Will Lewis (mail) (www):
Quite funny, indeed. I liked these excerpts from "The Murder of Abel."

"The only witness to the crime was the blood of the murdered Abel, which, according to the primitive notion of the time, had a voice and cried out for vengeance, and was heard by God, who appears for the purpose of conducting an investigation."

"When Cain was asked, "Where is Abel thy brother!" he answered, "I know not.: Am I my brother's keeper!" This answer naturally strengthened the suspicion that he was the murderer. An innocent man accused of fratricide would hardly have given an answer like this, which not only breath defiance and showed an unexpected and therefore, highly significant heartlessness, but even alluded sarcastically to his dead brother's occupation as a keeper of sheep, whose duty it was to guard them from ravening wild animals."
4.7.2008 8:56pm
Will Lewis,

It's interesting to note that even though Cain was guilty of murder, God explicitly exempts him capital punishment.
4.7.2008 9:53pm
The Cabbage (mail):
He skipped the really interesting cases in the New Testament.

Jesus casts out the money changers
This could be a simple case of trespass, but there is also battery, assault, libel, and nuisance/property issues.

"I have come not to destroy the Law, but to fulfill it."
Ho boy. Where the Pharisees misguided or malicious executors of a trust? How would Delaware courts rule on Jesus' claim that the Articles of Circumcision referred to a spiritual kingdom as the dividends for shareholders in the Nation of Israel, rather than a temporal promised land?

Jesus heals the Centurion's Slave
Was Jesus indoors when this happened? Might there be a 3rd Amendment issue?
4.7.2008 11:33pm