Randy Barnett Wins a Guggenheim Fellowship:

Congratulations to our very own Randy Barnett, who has been named a Guggenheim Fellow in Constitutional Studies!

Thanks to Ed Hoffman for the tip.

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Richard Primus at Michigan, as well!
4.7.2008 9:24pm
Jon Rowe (mail) (www):
Congrats. That is really great!
4.7.2008 9:46pm
Score one for the presumption of liberty!
4.7.2008 9:56pm
Cornellian (mail):
Do you get one of those for really artistic writing?
4.7.2008 9:57pm
They should give someone a web design fellowship and bring their site out of the late 90s.
4.7.2008 10:32pm
Congratulations to mr. barnett
4.7.2008 10:46pm
Laissez Faire Warrior (mail) (www):
at first, i thought highway61 was referring to this blog's design...
4.7.2008 10:50pm
Chris Newman (mail):
Congratulations, Randy! What project can we look forward to coming out of this?
4.8.2008 1:36am

Movie star, Guggenheim fellow, Supreme Court litigator, hmmm.

Ever been seen in public with Buckaroo Banzai? I thought not.
4.8.2008 7:06am
can'tbelieveit (mail):
are you *serious*?! i've only found his work question-begging and preaching to the choir.
4.9.2008 8:59pm