Our First NCAA March Madness Contest is Over.--

Kansas beat Memphis for the NCAA championship, so the final standings in our VC March Madness contest are:

1. Jim Lindgren (yours truly)

2. Mintstate (who actually picked 2 more games correctly than I did)

3. Circ230

4. DUNKtus officio

5. Davidson Dispatch

6. PennLaw 1L

7. Durry's

8. Go Go Gadget

9T. Scalito22

9T. Tears of Boredom

In all, there were 252 contestants in the VC's pool.

I had previously noted that, if I should be lucky enough win it all, I would decline the extremely valuable prizes. So the 2d and 3d place contestants (Mintstate and Circ230) win the first and second prizes.

Thanks go to Todd Zywicki for setting this up and to Todd and Ross Davies for providing the prizes. As Todd wrote introducing the contest:

My colleague Ross Davies, Editor of the Green Bag, has generously agreed to donate both a Scalia and a Kennedy bobblehead. The winner gets first choice and the runner-up the other. In addition, to the winner I will award a Volokh Conspiracy T-shirt.

As often happens, this year the ultimate winner of the tournament (Kansas) breezed through the first 2 games in the tourney, winning both of them by at least 10 points.

Over the years, this is only the third of these large March Madness pools that I have entered (and I have been fortunate enough to win two of them).

One of our commenters figured out why I and other conspirators scored so highly in the contest: the tentacles of the Volokh Conspiracy reach so far that I simply fixed the games. I can tell you that it was hard persuading the Memphis stars to miss most of their free throws near the end of regulation, but we have our ways . . . .

James Lindgren (mail):
Between winning this contest and Randy Barnett's winning a Guggenheim, I'd rather win the fellowship.

Jim Lindgren
4.8.2008 1:11am
Displaced Midwesterner (mail):
Rock Chalk, Jayhawk, KU.
Rock Chalk, Jayhawk, KU.

4.8.2008 1:53am
Freddy Hill:
On the other hand maybe you should switch careers. You stand to make more money than that other Jim, Jimmy The Greek.
4.8.2008 1:56am
James Lindgren (mail):
Freddy wrote:

On the other hand maybe you should switch careers. You stand to make more money than that other Jim, Jimmy The Greek.

I'll stick to predicting the stock market.

The prizes are worth more.

Jim L.
4.8.2008 2:45am
DNL (mail):
Thanks for doing this, guys. We at ArmchairGM are glad it went smoothly!
4.8.2008 10:28am