Nominations for the Best Law Teachers:
Who are the best law teachers? And what makes them so effective in class? If you're interested in these questions, you might be interested in Professor Michael Hunter Schwartz's book project, "What the Best Law Teachers Do." You can submit a nomination to Professor Schwartz at michael.schwartz [at] A list of current nominations, together with statements in support of the nominations, can be found here.
Eric Muller (www):
The list ain't worth a damn, as I am not on it.

Shocking ingratitude.
4.8.2008 7:35pm
Stuntz was the best teacher I've had at any level, Harvard poaching him from UVA was a bigger coup than grabbing Sunstein.
4.8.2008 9:41pm
clerk to be:
There was this professor at GW who taught Crim Pro and Computer Crimes. I'd nominate him, but I forget his name . . .
4.8.2008 10:12pm
Mostly because it's true, but partially because it will absolutely infuriate David Bernstein, I'm planning on nominating Derrick Bell.
4.8.2008 10:12pm
Friendly Suggestion:
In your new book, don't forget to remind law professors at new law schools that GOOD law professors do not deny their students federal loans by actively attempting to undermine an institution's accreditation.
4.9.2008 12:04pm
George Smith (mail):
Unfortunately, the ability to communicate effectively and actually teach in a classroom is the last thing that counts in hiring or tenure. Not nearly as important as adding to the Everest-high pile of articles every year.
4.9.2008 12:44pm