Bad Voodoo's War:
PBS Frontline recently broadcast a 1-hour show about a platoon of National Guard soldiers currently doing a tour of duty in Iraq: Bad Voodoo's War. The film presents the war from the platoon's perspective. It's now available in its entirely online; the homepage has a link to the video.

  More importantly, at least to me, my friend J.P. Borda is a Sergeant in the platoon. I asked him if the Frontline story presented the platoon's experience accurately, and he wrote back, "it sure did," with the caveat that "our perspective is one of many."

  The platoon also has its own blog now: Bad Voodoo's Blog. For the story of how Frontline came to do this story, watch the video extras here and click on "The Making of Bad Voodoo's War."
Good stuff, and I give credit to the military for allowing this sort of documentary to be made. It's hard to imagine being under that kind of stress day after day. My favorite line: "Nothing ever happens, except when we blow up."
4.9.2008 5:48pm