A Marc Dann Mystery:

An Ohio state AG office attorney's Blackberry was mysteriously stolen just hours after the Inspector General's office swept the AG's office, locking down staff computers. What a weird coincidence.

UPDATE: The missing BlackBerry has been found.

What, no chain of custody?
5.20.2008 11:18pm
Lucius Cornelius:
I don't know how much data would be lost. Her call records and her text messages can be recovered off of the phone company's servers.
5.20.2008 11:20pm
Stolen? That does not even pass the laugh test.
5.20.2008 11:21pm
L. Cornelius.

That's what Jen (the subject of the post) told me last night.

She's a neighbor + said she had nothing to gain by reporting it stolen since all of the data was stored elsewhere.

Local newsreporters have been trying to interview me + other neighbors the past couple of days in order to scare up unfavorable quotes + squeeze some more intrigue out of the scandal.

I really have no idea whether local media is onto something, but they can hardly complain if this particular story doesn't pan out.

Ohio's clown show has been a goldmine.
5.20.2008 11:43pm
Bob from Ohio (mail):
I liked this coincidence:

Dann's former scheduler, Jessica Utovich, was in Urban's home during the alleged crime, Aker reported.
5.21.2008 1:08pm
jazzed (mail):
Lucius Cornelius: Her call records and her text messages can be recovered off of the phone company's servers.

I'm curious as to whether the Stored Wired and Electronic Communications Act would have any impact on entreats for access to the data. While I believe that the owner of an electronic device SHOULD have access to any electronic data stored in relation to that device (especially messages and dialed numbers), I have a foggy impression that the Act does not necessarily assume that position.
5.21.2008 1:29pm
LarryA (mail) (www):
This is too weird even for a TV soap.
5.21.2008 2:13pm