Onion News Network on Baze v. Rees:
The Supreme Court's April death penalty decision in Baze v. Rees is old news by now, but I believe this coverage from the Onion News Network is relatively new. (Warning: As you might guess with a humorous video about the death penalty, this may be a bit off color to some viewers. If you don't like the Onion, you may not like this.)

Thanks to commenter "E" for the link.
I'm a big fan of the "trend towards the Roberts Court being less strictly constitutional and more strictly awesome."
6.23.2008 7:39pm
My favorite part is the shot of the transcript with the Judge Dredd references.
6.23.2008 7:40pm
John Howard ( (mail) (www):
Yeah, that shot of the transcript was awesome
6.23.2008 7:43pm
You're welcome! :)
6.23.2008 8:02pm
George Weiss (mail) (www):
ha ha

-ralph baze
6.23.2008 8:12pm
The illustrations are also quite well done. The attention to detail in this is strikingly good for "law humor."
6.23.2008 8:23pm
Jim at FSU (mail):
That was above average for the onion these days.

Strictly awesome indeed.
6.23.2008 8:42pm
Jim at FSU (mail):
Hahaha, oh wow. American students rank below african children in marksmanship, machete use and mine clearing skills.

6.23.2008 8:50pm
Interesting. As a lawyer, I don't find that sort of humor, which doesn't reflect any actual understanding of the legal issues, very funny. Although a similar outsider perspective on some other discipline, like philosophy or poli sci, of which I know nothing, I might find amusing.

Now Mark Tushnet's "Dia-Tribe," that was funny.
6.23.2008 9:06pm
Eli Rabett (www):
wm13, that's why we first kill execute the lawyers
6.23.2008 9:33pm
Dave Hardy (mail) (www):
Truly excellent, although they should have explored how Scalia's textualism and Thomas' originalism will play a role in a Court that has become "totally awesome." I think that both would be more consistent with total awesomeness than would be detailed resort to state decisis, but it is a point that merits mention.
6.23.2008 9:48pm
Scalia wants to protect the awesomeness of the Constitution from liberal activist retcons; Thomas believes that the Founding Fathers are the height of awesomeness and none of the remakes compare.
6.23.2008 9:56pm
Jacob Berlove:
One real fact supporting the Onion's claim is the Chief's citation of the widely respected legal authority Bob Dylan on page 4 of his Sprint dissent.
6.23.2008 10:03pm
The Cabbage (mail):
"I am the... I am... Wait. Where am I?"
- Justice Douglas
6.23.2008 11:13pm
JRD (mail):
" . . . a bit off color to some viewers"? As an LA Times reporter, I find that video both sexist and pornographic.
6.24.2008 2:18am
SEW (mail):
too cool! I liked the drawings done by each of the judges.

And the captions running along the bottom were great.
6.24.2008 12:02pm
Scalia is truly shaboo
(def. #4)
6.24.2008 8:07pm