Obama at Chicago:

The NYT reports on Barack Obama's time teaching at the University of Chicago. Of particular interest, the article includes links to a syllabus and several exams from his classes.

UPDATE: Brian Leiter comments on the story here.

J.L.C. (mail):
Ok. So let me get this straight. He doesn't publish anything. Chicago votes him a tenure offer. He turns it down.

The idea that he was offered tenure but turns it down seems highly unlikely.

This mania just makes me sick.
7.30.2008 12:40am
Sarcastro (www):
Such a good comment, J.L.C. posted it twice!
7.30.2008 9:22am
Hmmm, the black professor teaches three courses all heavily focused on race? Can't say I'm surprised.

This comment disturbed me from a philosophical perspective:

"Are there legal remedies that alleviate not just existing racism, but racism from the past?"

I realize that was a student's note from the class, but likely those were the kind of ideas being espoused.

Finally, was anybody else a little disturbed by the mockery of "clueless" white people?

The undercurrent of the article is a strong belief in victimhoom and the inability of the white folk to "get" black problems.
7.30.2008 9:44am
Sarcastro (www):
Silly Obama, there are no clueless white people! White people never have incorrect assumptions based on race nowadays, I think we fought a war over that.

Furthermore, reperations are so bad they should NEVER be discussed. A little denial like that would certainly put the issue to rest.
7.30.2008 9:53am
Anderson (mail):
Leiter took the Boeing? I hadn't heard.

The idea that he was offered tenure but turns it down seems highly unlikely.

"... to JLC, though not to anyone else even minimally informed." You left that part off.

The man obviously had his eyes set on a political career; he didn't accept that his loss to Rush was the end of his ambitions. Why *would* he accept tenure?
7.30.2008 10:53am