"McCain 2 Old":

On I-77 just south of Cleveland there is a billboard with a drawing of Senator McCain, his name, and "2 Old" in big block letters. The billboard says it is sponsored by a "Neo Neo Inc." in New York. I tried to find out more about the ad and its sponsor online, but have not yet turned up much of anything.

UPDATE: Here's a photo.

Daniel Chapman (mail):
It's an issue ad. We need more funding for public education.
10.10.2008 12:10pm
erics (mail):
The "John McCain for Grandpa" bumper stickers are pretty funny too.
10.10.2008 12:11pm
Archon (mail):
Maybe they had to pay by the letter and decided to save a few bucks.
10.10.2008 12:39pm
A. Zarkov (mail):
He's not too old, just too stupid.
10.10.2008 1:02pm
one of many:
Checked with the FEC? Within 60 days of a federal election, so it should have been registered with them.
10.10.2008 1:23pm
this blog has a photo.
10.10.2008 1:35pm
SMatthewStolte (mail):
I thought this was referring to when McCain was asked how many years it takes before one can be considered "old," just as when he was asked at what income a person becomes "rich."

The notion that 2 is old is absurd and reflects very poorly on the Senator's judgment. I admit that it was something of a gotcha question, but come on. You have to be able to deal with those.
10.10.2008 2:00pm
Billboard is getting good coverage given how backed up I-77 has been the past couple of days. As one of my friend's always reminds me "Dick Cheney highway in Central Baghdad is a better road than anywhere in Cleveland."
10.10.2008 2:08pm
A. Zarkov
He's not too old, just too stupid.

Hey, Zark, that was clever!


Not clever.

What's the other thing?

Oh, yeah, "tedious."
10.10.2008 2:55pm
Lance Cahill (mail):
The work of Roger Stone?
10.10.2008 3:27pm
I agree with the sentiments, that McCain's too old. I'm not quite saying I advocate implementing a Last Day system, but... McCain's older than my grandfather. That really puts him in a damning context to me.
10.10.2008 4:54pm
Pat C (mail):
To me it was irritating that the fellow who posted the picture on that web site said, "Apparently, this is what the left considers relevant political discourse".

If the Democrats had nominated someone as old or older than McCain as their candidate (and selected someone the right REALLY disliked as the VP nominee), I would think the right would consider his/her age to be relevant. And if they wanted to make that argument on a billboard on a freeway, they might well make the message very concise.
10.10.2008 7:29pm
Elliot123 (mail):
"McCain's older than my grandfather. That really puts him in a damning context to me."

How old is Grandpa? That should give us an upper limit for presidential candidates. Anything else about grandpa we need to know to set our standards?
10.11.2008 6:38pm
Elliot, my grandfather was born in September '42, so he's just over 66. Now, using my grandfather (other things to know about him? Well, he's a Confederate apologist who goes to one of those Latin-mass Catholic churches that still opposes Vatican II, and he wants a return to the gold standard) as a cut-off isn't really something that I should necessarily do, but that's only if the answer to the question "Is my grandfather typical of people in their 60s and older?" is "no".

Actually, I think the upper limit on all Federal officeholders should be the same as the Normal Retirement Age (currently shifting from 65 to 67). I would support a constitutional amendment disqualifying anyone from running for office who's over that age and ending the term of all incumbents on the day they reach that age.
10.11.2008 11:47pm