Podcasts on Intellectual Property:

My colleague and leading intellectual property scholar Doug Lichtman has put together I/P Colloquium, a site for distributing podcasts on the subject. The first item is a very interesting conversation with Fred von Lohmann at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, mostly about copyright and technology. Plus, if you're a lawyer, you can get Continuing Legal Education credit in many states just for listening (details are on the site).

MLS (mail):
Thank you very much for the information.

By chance, might you be aware of other similar sites covering others areas of law?
10.16.2008 3:55pm
Thomas Jefferson:
why the slash between the I and the P?
it's intellectual property
not intellectual / property.
10.16.2008 4:06pm
Chicago Grad:
Very interesting. I was in one of Prof. Lichtman's first classes at Chicago - he's come a long way.
10.16.2008 4:26pm
John Poe (mail):
life of a law student has more structured introductory podcasts.
10.16.2008 4:58pm
I do a lot of commuting and have been trying to listen to legal podcasts on the trip -- I believe I even heard you speak briefly on Lawyer 2 Lawyer a few weeks back. I did a search of IP-specific shows and couldn't find anything worthwhile, but I would love to add this to the list.

If I can make one suggestion to Prof. Lichtman, it would be to create an RSS feed for the show. The ability to subscribe to the show in iTunes or any RSS reader will help develop a regular listener base.
10.16.2008 10:28pm
Doug Lichtman (mail) (www):
iTunes and RSS is a great idea. We'll add that today.
10.19.2008 1:24pm