Speech at Drexel Law School Tommorrow:

For readers in the Philadephia area who may be interested, I will be speaking at Drexel Law School tommorrow, at 5:30 PM in Room 140, on "The Future of Federalism." Come one, come all!

CaDan (mail):
Make sure you give some good impact analysis and get the transcript printed--debaters need more impact cards for their federalism disads.

11.18.2008 4:03pm
Allan Walstad (mail):
I can't make it to Philly but am interested in your thoughts. Will it be a short talk, or does federalism have a future?
11.18.2008 7:30pm
Sebastian (mail) (www):
I went to school there (The Engineering school, not the law school, we didn't even have a law school then), but sadly I wouldn't be able to escape from work early enough to attend, which is a shame, because the topic is interesting.
11.19.2008 3:21pm
lawnchair reactionary:
arh! I'm an undergraduate and VC reader but I am out of town. Drexel's Law School was the first to open in decades.
11.20.2008 4:35pm