Eric Holder Apparently Obama's Choice for Attorney General.

Here's a profile of Holder from the American Lawyer in June 2008.

More of the same we can believe in.
11.18.2008 3:48pm

More of the same we can believe in.

I guess. But wasnt this widely expected for months?
11.18.2008 3:50pm
So this looks increasing like the Clinton administration PART 2.
11.18.2008 3:51pm
Yes, expected to be Holder or Deval Patrick, as Obama liked the obvious symbolism of having a black person leading the Justice Department.

Bad News on Holder: He was deeply involved in the Mark Rich pardon and has a bunch of other shady dealings in his past, as befits a high-ranking member of the Clinton DoJ.

Good News on Holder: He's not Jamie Gorelick, who is the most dangerously incompetent or least-lucky person among all 300 million souls in America, and who had snuck back in the rumor mill for this job since the election.
11.18.2008 3:54pm
Kharn (mail):
AG Reno's anti-gun pitbull. :-/
11.18.2008 3:54pm
Karan Singh (mail):
Wasn't Holder one of the lead signators to the anti-Heller amicus brief filed by "former DOJ officials?"
Why, yes he was:

Third after former AGs Reno and Katzenbach.
11.18.2008 4:09pm
turdsimile (mail):

He was deeply involved in the Mark Rich pardon

Most pardons are pretty ugly. That's why Presidents dole them out on their last day, so they don't have to feel the bad press and the political repercussions from it.

But how much choice or say did Holder have in this matter? His boss was properly exercising powers delegated to him by the Constitution.

What was his role? Drafting the 1-page pardon letter?
Certainly other parties - foreign governments (Spain, Israel), Democratic donors, friends and family of Rich, etc., played a bigger role in procuring the pardon.
11.18.2008 4:17pm
Sarcastro (www):
I think it's clear he's going to pardon all the criminals, take everyone's guns and replace Obama with Bill Clinton.
11.18.2008 4:25pm
Another Stuyvesant High School alum in the Obama administration. Cool.
11.18.2008 4:34pm

What was his role? Drafting the 1-page pardon letter?
Certainly other parties - foreign governments (Spain, Israel), Democratic donors, friends and family of Rich, etc., played a bigger role in procuring the pardon.

From the NY Times (March 13, 2002), referring to a report by the House Government Affairs Committee:

Mr. Holder, the report says, played a major role, steering Mr. Rich's lawyers toward Jack Quinn, a former White House counsel. Mr. Rich hired Mr. Quinn, whose Washington contacts and ability to lobby the president made the difference, according to the report. It says that Mr. Holder's support for the pardon and his failure to alert prosecutors of a pending pardon were just as crucial.

The report says Mr. Holder became involved through a chance encounter with Gershon Kekst, a prominent public relations strategist who has advised Mr. Rich since 1997. The two men were seated together at a DaimlerChrysler dinner in November 1998, and Mr. Kekst asked what advice Mr. Holder had for someone who had been ''improperly indicted by an overzealous prosecutor.'' Mr. Holder recommended hiring ''a lawyer who knows the process, he comes to me, and we work it out.'' The report acknowledges that Mr. Holder did not realize he was speaking to someone in the Rich camp.
11.18.2008 4:53pm
George Smith:
Wasn't Holder one of the Clinton DOJ's Quota Kings?
11.18.2008 5:12pm
turdsimile (mail):

steering Mr. Rich's lawyers toward Jack Quinn

So that's what he did? He gave out a phone number, or simply dropped a name?

"Uhh, you should talk to Quinn about this."

Deeply involved.
11.18.2008 5:13pm
This guy will be a very divisive AG. I thought Obama wanted to end the bitter partisanship and bring us together.
11.18.2008 5:48pm
Ohio Scrivener (mail):
Although it is unlikely to derail him from becoming AG, Eric Holder's role in the pardon scandal is problematic.

"In the Clinton pardon scandal, Holder was deputy attorney general when his duties intersected with the efforts of Rich's lawyer, Jack Quinn, who had been White House counsel earlier in the Clinton administration.

The entire matter was handled in an unorthodox manner - on a straight line from Rich's lawyer to the White House, with a consulting role for Holder.

Later, Holder said he told White House counsel Beth Nolan the day before the pardon was issued that he was "neutral, leaning toward favorable" in regard to the pardon. He said he and Nolan "never had a prolonged conversation about the matter."

To make matters worse, Holder had asked Quinn for his help in becoming attorney general in the event then-Vice President Al Gore won the 2000 election."
11.18.2008 6:42pm
MisterBigTop- what, if any evidence, do you have that he will be a "very divisive AG," other than that he served in the Clinton DOJ and had a minor role in something that happened on the last day of the administration>
11.19.2008 1:40am
MisterBigTop: please name one AG nominee that you would be happy with.
11.19.2008 9:06am