Analyzing Colorado Election Results:

Here's a new podcast in which Jon Caldara and I have a quick discussion of Colorado's election results, including the defeat of several tax increase ballot issues, and the defeat of Marilyn Musgrave. It's a little over 7 minutes long, and available in MP3 on

Cornellian (mail):
Marilyn Musgrave was defeated? I hadn't noticed. Good riddance.
11.18.2008 5:46pm
Pashley (mail):
Colorado has been trending solidly blue for a few years now. Barone downplayed it, he wrote in the month before the election that conservative Jefferson and El Paso counties would stem the tide, but look at the results. Hispanics starting to vote, and Colorado has a tremendous number of people coming-and-going to California, Oregon, Washington. And we have the internet millionaries whose wealth in a smaller state can be decisive.
11.19.2008 10:28am