"Justice May Be Blind, but in San Antonio It's Naked, Too":

So reports the Associated Press, discussing a restored sculpture that is "on display ... in front of the Bexar County Courthouse." The naked — except for the blindfold — 4-foot sculpture was apparently bought by Bexar County in 1896. Jenny B. Davis (Tex Parte Blog) has more on the statue's history.

Thanks to How Appealing for the pointer.

UPDATE: For the classic naked statue joke, though one completely unrelated to justice -- except the poetic kind -- see here.

Hanah Volokh (mail) (www):
This is even funnier because the name of the county, Bexar, is pronounced "bare."
12.9.2008 1:43pm
einhverfr (mail) (www):
Gotta love those statues of Roman Goddesses in our public buildings :-)
12.9.2008 1:45pm
martinned (mail) (www):
As far as I can tell, no one actually cares that the statue is naked. (Contrary to what one might expect based on occasional past American hysterics.) So why is this interesting?
12.9.2008 1:56pm
Randy R. (mail):
Because when John Ashcroft was attorney general, he had the female statue of justice hidden behind a blue curtin. She has one bare breast.

The building was built in the 20s, and the statue is a fine example of art deco sculpture. It's one of two (the other is a bare chested male) that flank the stage for press conferences and the like.

The same statue is famous as well because in the 1980s, then attorney general Edwin Meese issued a report condemning pornography, and his department's announcement of a crackdown on smut. The Washington Post photographer got an excellent photo of Meese holding the report up in his hands, preacher-style, with the bare breasted statue in the background. It ran on the front page.
12.9.2008 4:12pm
Bryan C (mail):
I understand that Ashcroft just got tired of photographers going to such great lengths to frame him and the statue in the same shot. Which they did on purpose because they thought it was funny, somehow.
12.9.2008 7:00pm
He could have moved his pressers somewhere else, instead of playing statue dress-up.
12.9.2008 8:19pm
Mark Rockwell (mail):
I'm going to say that, in that particular dispute, Ashcroft lost.
12.10.2008 1:18am
Randy R. (mail):
It would have been funnier if they took the shot of Ashcroft with the half naked man. Or would that have just grossed out the press corps?
12.10.2008 6:58pm

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