Lessig to Harvard:
We don't normally post individual law school hires, but this one seems worth noting: Larry Lessig is going back to Harvard.
einhverfr (mail) (www):
Congrats, Harvard!
12.12.2008 8:41pm
David Welker (www):
Wow. Great acquisition for HLS.
12.12.2008 9:26pm
Congratulations to Prof. Lessig! The Farm and Silicon Valley generally will be missing him though.
12.12.2008 9:33pm
David Warner:
But will the slithy toves continue to gyre and gimble in the wabe?
12.12.2008 9:39pm
Simon P:
Great. Yet further concentration of academic talent in the Harvard hive.

Does this strike you as problematic, at all? Or do you spend your time dreaming of your own ascension into the Holy Trinity? Do you think that a focus on prestigious faculty hires and growing the faculty (and, presumably, growing the student body) will have an adverse or beneficial effect on the quality of teaching or scholarship at Harvard?
12.12.2008 10:12pm
Cornellian (mail):
Looks like Dean Kagan just buffed her resume for a SCOTUS nomination.
12.12.2008 11:32pm
SupremacyClaus (mail) (www):
Commie indoctrinated.
Mental cripple after Yale Law indoctrination.
Out of town muscle from Chicago.
Brought by Harvard Law to attack clinical care.
Interfere with clinical care.
Get sued.
Exemplary damages.
Harvard endowment good target.
Right lawyer can do it.
12.14.2008 4:14pm

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