Inspirational Clips from the Moving Picture Institute
The Moving Picture Institute "identifies and nurtures promising filmmakers who are committed to protecting and sustaining a free society, and supports their work through grants, travel scholarships, awards, internships, training workshops, and networking opportunities." As part of it's mission, it has initiated "Moving Minutes," a series of clips about liberty from popular films. After you sign up, a bimonthly e-mail containing links to videos of inspirational moments in film will be sent to you bimonthly. Sign up information is here. They have graciously shared with me the YouTube links to their first four clips. After viewing them, I am now looking forward to receiving my bimonthly inspirational lift. So can you.

"Liberty Will Reign" from the HBO miniseries John Adams:

"Age of Freedom" from the 300:

"The Pursuit of Happiness" from Rocky Balboa:

And "The Weathermen" from Indoctrinate U:

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David Warner:
12.16.2008 4:18pm
Randy Barnett (mail) (www):
That is VERY funny David.
12.16.2008 4:22pm
Michael B (mail):
Indoctrinate U is one of the movies available at pjtv (sub req).
12.16.2008 4:27pm
I guess I'm just missing something. Why is the indoctrinate u clip here?
12.16.2008 5:07pm
Fidelity (mail) (www):
Maybe watch the whole movie, to put the clip in context.

The "Indoctrinate U" clip kinda pissed me off, now I gotta watch the whole thing.
12.16.2008 5:17pm
gran habano:
Yes, the Weathermen bit seems a bit alien to the other 3 clips.
12.16.2008 5:31pm
David Warner:
Holy Gaia and her blessed mean annual temperature, Barnett, could you be any more ethnophallocentric here? I mean, two dead white males and two undead ones - and you call yourself a professor?

Thx for the nice clips. Sounds like my kind of outfit.
12.16.2008 6:04pm
David McCourt (mail):
In the case of The 300, it must be the freedom to make a really shitty movie out of a great bit of history.
12.16.2008 6:04pm
therut (mail):
HAHAHAHA!!!!! Good one. I am always amazed when young and old lefties STILL use the same tired ole commie speak. However, it is the ones who make it sound good that are to be watched. Commie Professors who would have thought such a thing.
12.16.2008 6:32pm
Michael B (mail):
Befuddled expressions from the usual suspects. Shocked, I'm shocked ...

U.N. Me is a documentary at the site that is particularly illuminating. An excerpt of note from the clip:

"The government that was committing the genocide was sitting on the Security Council."

In much the same vein, these two links are revealing of what is occurring right now, in the Congo.
12.16.2008 6:39pm
Accountant Ed (mail):
So are they saying that even though we may disagree with their politics, we should be glad that former anti-war agitators have the liberty in the US to pursue new careers? I guess that's a nice message. (But wow, does that make me NOT want to watch Indoctrinate U. Looks about as subtle and thoughtful as, well, a David Horowitz article.)
12.16.2008 7:15pm
therut (mail):
Horowitz wrote a great book "Radical Son". It changed my life. That and "The Witness". Never ever will I accept the left as friendly. Now Horowitz is poor speaker but he can write. No wonder he was a great lefty in the day. However, his lefty zeal does not fit well as a Conservative. Those on the left today should look at him and realize he appears to them just like they do to everyday people. A little off kilter, too excited to0 zealous. But passion he has. If he was still of the left he would be a regular on Democracy Now and MSNBC!!! Or a tenured Professor of English in Madison or Berkley.
12.16.2008 10:25pm
Truesilver (www):
Ouches to the Madison remark. At least the professors in Madison are transparent about it. Hard to indoctrinate a guy when he's on to you. Speaking as a grad of UW-Planet Madison... It was always easy to pick out the Froot Loops and then ignore their in-class rantings.
12.17.2008 1:21am
Brian G (mail) (www):
As a Philly guy, I am pre-disposed to like Rocky. When I saw that scene in the movies, I thought it was terrific. Watching it again today, I still do. In Rocky's own way, he perfectly set out the right to freedom that he is entitled to enjoy as an American. You could read nine scholary treatises and never get the understanding of the concept of freedom better than waht Rocky did in that scene.
12.17.2008 2:47pm

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