Sunday Song Lyric:
TV on the Radio's Dear Science seems to be the consensus pick for "album of the year," having received this honor from Rolling Stone, Spin and others. I like this band, and enjoyed seeing them open for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs a few years back, I haven't picked this one up yet, but I suppose I'll have to. Here's a taste of the lyrics from one of the singles "Golden Age":
The age of miracles
The age of sound
Well there's a Golden Age
Comin' round, comin' round, comin' round

Give it up
'stead of grabbing for decay
What we viewed as gold
I believe pollutes this space
And its grace ascending
Like a snake up your tree
Up your happy ending understanding
All your s'pposed to be
The full lyrics are here, and the video is here.

At year's end, I'd also be curious what VC readers think were the best albums, songs, or lyrics of 2008. Leave your suggestions in the comments.

I know everyone is excited about TVOTR, but their album just doesn't live up to the hype in my opinion. My fav album of 2008 right now is the self titled Hercules and Love Affair album followed closely by the Deerhunter "Microcastle" album. Both of those works seem to take music in a forward direction, which I don't see TVOTR doing. That being said, the song "Dancing Choose" on the Dear Science album is pretty rad.
12.28.2008 12:37pm
Don Meaker (mail):
I kind of liked the "Barracuda" song with which Sarah Palin was introduced.
12.29.2008 6:16pm
Arnostocles (mail):
Artist: Bugle
Title: Supremacy
Album: 7" Single
Year: 2008
Production: Daseca

[Lyrics are a bit in Jamaican patois so some may be wrong]
[Song can be heard here: ]

Yes, we've come a long way
We've come a long way
Black people come a long way

We run the world and it's evident
Because we have moved from slavery to President
All over the world we have life again
And you no see say, them White House no white again
Yeah yeah we run the world and it's evident
Because we have moved from slavery to President
And you no see say civil rights don't apply again
Power to the People we them can't deny again

And you know black people is survivor
From the back of the bus to the driver
We're made not full of tricks like McGuyver
But a long time we have lived up on saliva
Long time we have worked Saturday to Saturday
No half a day but 'member say when a day a dash a went

Now we on top of the world
We no stop at the world
Them no think we are back of the world


Remember Paul Bogle and all of them
Nelson Mandela, Luther King, Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey them
Them say the thing we have to honor them
Huey Newton, Angela Davis, Steve Biko, Bob Marley them
Don't forget Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass because
For them fight for human rights
Now a New Man rise
Obama raise the banner we have newborn life


They fight for gold and oil
But we fight equal rights
Through them way a sleepless nights
So now that the table turn
I hope them learn
That's my concern
Black people


Yes, we're coming from the banana boats
To come lead and file up on them plain
We feel a lot of pain
A lot of people in the past ask
Then what about us
And I know we're still there
Just keep it firm and learn


This is statement not a question so me no need no answer
Them can't hold we no longer
Respect due to the Black Panther.
12.31.2008 2:07pm

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