Happy New Year!

To roughly translate how we say it in Russian, "to the new year, to the new happiness."

David Warner:

"to the new year, to the new happiness."

Somehow, in that context, this came to mind.

Hope springs pretty damn eternal in those breasts, given past experience.
1.1.2009 12:54pm
lwow (mail):
S novyn godom, s novym schastiem!
1.1.2009 12:57pm
Sum Budy:
May I take this moment to ask that in the New Year, VC consider updating its search software?

A few weeks back, VC posted an article about a court that refused to interpret religious obligations written into a rabbi's contract because any interpretation would require the court to violate the establishment clause.

I wanted to forward this VC post to a friend, so I tried searching for it with various combinations of words like "rabbi," "amendment," "contract," "establishment," etc.

Volokh's current pico search system is completely unwieldy when used with VC for the following reasons:

(1) No way to limit searches to the posting's title, conspirators, or to particular date ranges.
(2) No way to sort the results by date or by subject.
(3) No way to view more than 10 "hits" at a time -- this is completely unwieldy when you're trying to scan 60+ hits.
(4) Search results don't clearly indicate the date, conspirator name, subject, etc.

May I recommend that you find a new system? Part of the reason I read VC is because of the interesting tidbits posted. It would be so much nicer if it were easier for me to find old tidbits.
1.1.2009 1:36pm
Sum Budy:
Realizing I left out a sentence in the above -- I have absolutely no idea how to find the VC posting described above. If anybody can point me at a direct link, I would really appreciate it!
1.1.2009 1:37pm
College Film (mail) (www):
Happy New Year!
1.1.2009 2:01pm
Sum Budy wrote at 1.1.2009 1:37pm:
Realizing I left out a sentence in the above -- I have absolutely no idea how to find the VC posting described above. If anybody can point me at a direct link, I would really appreciate it!
Howze Ziss?z

Google search results, top result, here. Note the search string.

And top of the new year to ya!
1.1.2009 2:56pm
vassil_petrov (mail):
За много години! Za mnogo godini! ("For many years")
1.1.2009 3:13pm
Fedya (www):
I always thought it was "With the new year", being short for something on the order of:

Я вас поздравлящю с новым годом и рождеством христовым.

with the part in bold meaning "I congratulate you with..." and the rest being whatever observance you're marking. But it's been 15 years since my last Russian course.
1.1.2009 3:21pm
Fedya (www):
(Whoops, there's an extra щ in my sentence that doesn't belong there, from when I was looking for where the ю is on my keyboard.)
1.1.2009 3:23pm
LM (mail):
Fub beat me to it.*

Happy New Year to all, in whatever religious or secular context it suits you... or offends you, if you prefer.

(*That said, I use Google for this sort of thing so routinely it can obscure the fact that Sum Budy has a point: That Pico Search is pretty pathetic.)
1.1.2009 3:26pm
Tom R (mail):
Maybe for centuries you Russians have really been saying "To a new year, to a new happiness", but you just didn't realise it.

Or can one think a definite article in a language where one can't say it? (Like meaning "I put the book down" to be past tense even though there's no way, whether in speech or in writing, to distinguish the two?)
1.1.2009 5:19pm
Kheppi n'yu ir! Da?
1.1.2009 9:43pm
Stan Morris (mail):
Auf Deutsch, Glückliches Neues Jahr Maybe a lucky id better?
1.1.2009 9:51pm
Midnight Rambler:
многая літа! - mnohaya lita! - many years!
1.2.2009 12:09am
Syd Henderson (mail):
I think we should all remedy a great injustice.

Christians, Mithraists, Chinese, Vietnamese and Cthulhuists all start their new year around the Winter Solstice.

Jews do it at the Autumnal equinox and everybody else snickers and looks the other way.

And ancient Romans and pagans, among others, do it around the vernal equinox.

And since these are all false beliefs, it's time to honor the one true New Year's day, the Summer Solstice!

I expect you all out June 21 with your corn cobs raised hight worshiping the lord of warmth and fecundity!
1.2.2009 2:25am
Syd Henderson (mail):
1.2.2009 2:26am
Lucius Cornelius:
Some secularists advocate shifting the celebratory elements of the holiday season from Christmas to new years day. So, I take a lot of offense when people wish me a "Happy New Year."


Happy New Year everyone!
1.2.2009 6:05am
Katl L (mail):
Sum Budy is right
March the 21, more ore less, is the beggining of spring and the natural new year is you live in an agrarian republic or arcadia.
In a Julian country , new year is in two weeks
1.3.2009 8:59pm

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