"Why We Should Welcome Cass Sunstein,"

by Prof. Glenn Reynolds (InstaPundit) in Forbes. "[W]hile Sunstein is politically liberal, he's also open-minded -- someone who isn't dogmatic or intolerant and who gets along well with people of different ideological stripes."

AntonK (mail):

"[W]hile Sunstein is politically liberal, he's also open-minded -- someone who isn't dogmatic or intolerant...."
Oh, that's a beautiful line!
1.9.2009 1:54pm
Sarcastro (www):
AntonK, model of tolerance. just cannot tolerate Sunstein's intolerant liberalism, so he heroically steps up to note Sunstein's intolerance, while not bothering to offer any proof or argument.
1.9.2009 2:29pm
AntonK (mail):
Sarcastro, proof or argument about what? He never says Sunstein is intolerant. Indeed, he points out that Sunstein exhibits none of the intolerance or dogmatism that is the hallmark of the liberal-left. Specific proof of that need not be cited, one only needs to be sentient to see it.
1.9.2009 2:42pm
Sarcastro (www):
[you mean line wasn't saying it was BS? If not, I apologize. I thought you were just saying, apropos of nothing, that the quote was a "line."]
1.9.2009 2:45pm
Crunchy Frog:
I interpreted it as opposed to the vast majority of liberals, Sunstein actually has integrity and a brain.

Sounds about right.
1.9.2009 3:31pm
tired of blogs:
Crunchy Frog --

Replace "liberals" with "everybody" and you'll be on the right track.
1.9.2009 3:40pm
it is a shame that line has to be constructed that way; in the real world (where words mean what they say), saying he is a "liberal" should have meant by definition he was "open minded, tolerant, and not dogmatic"

it is a sad commentary on today's "liberals"
1.9.2009 4:29pm
It's interesting how this works. Democrats in general are more apt to call their opponents "un-American", interrupt their opponents' speeches, set their opponents' churches on fire, etc. It's impossible for a Republican to get credit for being someone who can "get along well with people of different ideological stripes", because the most popular ideology in the country is hatred of Republicans. Meanwhile a Sunstein or an Obama gets praise for simply rising to the level of decency that's entirely unremarkable among Republicans.
1.9.2009 5:25pm
MCM (mail):
Sagar - you mean today's "conservatives".
1.9.2009 5:59pm
tired of blogs:
BGates --

Did I imagine the titles of Ann Coulter's books? Or the similar language on Rush's and Liddy's shows? Or Little Green Footballs?

I'm not saying that there aren't a lot of people on the left who call names.

It's both sides. The political discourse in this country is uncivil. And both sides are to blame. Don't kid yourself into thinking it's just the other guys.
1.9.2009 7:43pm
tired of blogs:
Crackpot theory as to why so many people believe the other side (whichever side that is) is more uncivil:

Most people lives in groups of family and friends who are like-minded politically, religiously, etc. They know that their friends, family, and neighbors are decent, civil folk.

They only know the other side from the extreme cases depicted on tv, the web, radio.
1.9.2009 7:45pm
in the real world (where words mean what they say), saying he is a "liberal" should have meant by definition he was "open minded, tolerant, and not dogmatic"

In the fake world--academia--on the other hand, those characteristics are a career liability.
1.9.2009 10:26pm

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