Slate Convictions Blog Alumni Take Over OLC:
First of all, a hearty congratulations to my friend Marty Lederman for his new position as Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the Office of Legal Counsel, as noted by Jonathan below. The blogosphere's loss will be the Administration's gain. It's also interesting to note that the new OLC will be run by alumni of Slate's short-lived Convictions blog: Dawn Johnsen, the nominee to head OLC, David Barron, the new Principal Deputy, and Marty were all co-bloggers there. Congrats to Dawn, David, and Marty for their new jobs.
Hans Bader (mail):
If Lederman had been at OLC before, there would have been no era of torture memos.
1.20.2009 11:32am
Hans Bader (mail):
It's a mixed bag.

Some of these appointments are good news for preventing an imperial presidency (as I noted above with respect to Marty Lederman's appointment, given his apt criticism of the disgraceful torture memos).

But it's bad news for limits on Congressional overreaching, such as enforcing constitutional limits on enumerated powers, such as limits on Congress's commerce power.

The Bush Administration showed little concern for federalism. The Obama administration will show even less.

Liberal legal scholars seem to view these constitutional limits as an anachronism, rather than, as Justice O'Connor put it, a bulwark of individual liberty.

And the overfederalization of criminal law (a potential source of end-runs around constitutional double-jeopardy safeguards) will continue to worsen.
1.20.2009 11:59am
He is the very model of a Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the Office of Legal Counsel
1.20.2009 2:23pm
Steven J:
I hope they all fail miserably. Liberals deserve nothing better than ignominy and shame.
1.21.2009 12:19am
Bart (mail):
On a very disturbing note, Professor Lederman has apparently deleted nearly all of his Balkinization posts as the price of obtaining the OLC post, which begs the question of whether Team Obama will also ask Marty to remove opinions from his OLC memorandum which depart from the party line.
1.22.2009 9:18am

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