Allow Me Please To Be Parochial for a Moment,

and point out that the new New York senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, is a UCLA School of Law graduate. Woohoo! (She was a year ahead of me, but I didn't know her.)

TomHynes (mail):
And Dartmouth '88

Wah Hoo Wah!
1.24.2009 10:57am
You mean that she's triumphing over a deficient education? Only in America!
1.24.2009 11:11am
Volokh for Senate in 2010!
1.24.2009 11:22am
mls (www):
Amy Klobuchar was in my law school class at U of Chicago. That makes it doubly depressing that she may be about to become the senior Senator from Minnesota.
1.24.2009 12:36pm
Katl L (mail):
And a Heller supporter too
1.24.2009 1:06pm
Cardozo'd (www):
And it could have been Randi Weingartner or something like that.......CARDOZO ALUM! damnit, so close.
1.24.2009 1:39pm
Why would someone move from Southern California to Albany?
1.24.2009 2:40pm
Ricardo (mail):
I attended UCLA Law [1974-1977] following my return from Vietnam [USMC], and I will never forget being openly despised by several of my Goldbergian professors. How exciting to see that UCLA is producing graduates with respect for the Constitution. Just wish a Professor Volokh had been there.
1.24.2009 3:16pm
Gordo: She's from Albany.

I guess I can be parochial too. She was my Congresswoman. And while not perfect, she was good.
1.24.2009 3:39pm
What the hell is going on in NY?!!! The entire Empire State to choose from, and they can't find anyone with an Ivy League [not Cornell] JD?

I mean, isn't it bad enough to have a governor with a law degree from Long Island Academy of Law, of however it styles itself?
1.24.2009 4:30pm
b (mail):
No wonder everyone hates her! Go Trojans!
1.24.2009 4:31pm
Thanks for your service to our country. Those professors who drooled their contempt for you revealed their character -- and there was absolutely nothing at their core. Semper Fi.
1.24.2009 4:43pm
"Parochial"? Does UCLA now get parish funds?
1.24.2009 8:21pm
ll (mail):
Am I permitted to ask whether the UCLA alumna in question was a babe?
1.24.2009 11:19pm
In Southern Cal, they're all babes.
1.24.2009 11:31pm
Dissenting Justice (mail) (www):
To be a heartbeat away from such power....
1.25.2009 10:54am
Hoosier, perhaps the difficulty in finding someone who got a JD from law school whose undergraduate football team has the right balance of history and mediocrity is that, of the 8 Ivy League schools, only 5 have law schools.

Also, would you have turned up your nose if her JD was merely from Stanford or U. Chicago?
1.25.2009 4:54pm
I turn up my nose whenever someone uses the indicative mode in an if-clause.
1.25.2009 5:30pm
Bill Twist:
I turn up my nose whenever someone uses the indicative mode in an if-clause.

I turn up my nose at people who turn up their nose at people.

Needless to say, I avoid mirrors so I don't get stuck in an infinite loop.
1.26.2009 8:58am

Absolutely not!

I have great respect for people who overcome serious disadvantages.
1.26.2009 10:16am
Gray Ghost:
That's great that she's from Dartmouth -- maybe we'll get more good policy like we've gotten from, um, Hank Paulson. Oh wait.

GG (Dartmouth '89)
1.26.2009 5:21pm

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