Interview with Our Own Jonathan Adler,

on normblog.

non-native speaker:

If you could choose anyone, from any walk of life, to be President, who would you choose? > Eugene Volokh.

Would you like it?
2.6.2009 12:40pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
I'm constitutionally unqualified for the office, in two senses of the word "constitutionally."
2.6.2009 1:18pm
guy in the veal calf office (mail) (www):
1. Who are your intellectual heroes? > Ronald Coase, James Madison, Richard Epstein, Frank Meyer.

James Madison was my write-in vote for president in November 2008. Even if the White House was burned under his watch, and even if he is, technically speaking, not alive and able to hector congress- he was a far, far better candidate than those listed on my ballot. Since he agrees with me, Professor Adler must be pretty smart.

2. I'm hesitant to disqualify anyone from the "reasonable and worth listening to" category because of a single error, but Professor Adler's burning desire to live in Philadelphia comes close.
2.6.2009 1:32pm
Mr. Bingley (www):
I'm sure Professor Adler just wants to be closer to Geno's.
2.6.2009 1:42pm
I would like JHA to blog about the whys and hows of how he came to change his mind about the stuff he changed his mind about.
2.6.2009 3:03pm
"I'm constitutionally unqualified for the office, in two senses of the word "constitutionally."" What else do you have in common with President Obama?
2.7.2009 8:49pm

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