"The Connecticut Legislature's Preposterously Unconstitutional Attack on Catholicism":

Prof. Rick Hills (PrawfsBlawg) has more on the bill, and on why it's unconstitutional.

My friend Prof. Rick Garnett has also posted an open letter drafted by Doug Laycock -- one of the leading Religion Clauses experts in the nation -- which I had the pleasure of signing, together with several other professors. I'm pretty sure that the signatories disagree on a great deal about Religion Clauses law, but we certainly agree on this. And my Mayer Brown colleague Philip Lacovara has published a letter with his own legal analysis, with which I also agree. (I learned of the letter from a religion-and-the-law discussion list, entirely outside my Mayer work.)

The proposal seems to have been tabled by the legislature for now. Let's hope it stays that way.