Two Contrarian Posts on Right Coast:
Two posts running contrary to bloggerian wisdom are up on the Right Coast. Tom Smith responds here to the pessimism of Victor David Hanson:
I don't agree that we are going to hell. I teach youngsters for a living and I am continually impressed by their resolve and courage. They are plenty smart but one thing I have learned I think is that character you can never have too much of, while intelligence you need enough of but after a certain amount it is almost irrelevant, if you are not an astrophysicist or something. Kids these days, from what I can see, are strong and brave. Look at them in Iraq, for heaven's sake. Compare our military now to the US Army in Vietnam. There are grave social problems, but I remember the seventies and early eighties. In many ways, the country's values are much healthier now.

I could be completely wrong, but Obama is beginning to look to me as a kind of Jimmy Carter. He is either going to change himself, or people are going to cast him aside. I don't think he has what it takes (knock on wood) to lead us off of cliff. I don't think enough people will follow him. In fact, I think a lot of moderates and independents may have learned or be about to learn a lesson.

I'm one of nature's pessimists. I see the glass as half full, with poisoned water. Even so, I really think our best days are ahead of us. The people who would like to stamp out or cabin inside of the state the best things about this country, have come along a few decades too late. I could be wrong, but I don't think so.
And today, Maimon Schwarzschild throws some cold water on all the linking to the Politico story noting how three New York Times columnists criticized the President in yesterday's Times:
In other words, how about war crimes trials for Bushitler.

And Frank Rich is indignant that Obama isn't even more demagogic about AIG, perhaps a la ACORN.

Tom Friedman, it's true, says one or two obvious but sensible things, as he does now and then - and my, how pleased with himself he always seems. But otherwise it's the usual shrill, robotic leftism at the Times. Obama needn't worry: and I strongly suspect he doesn't. Obama's a moderate, you see. Criticised from the left as well as the right. Yadda.
If you like the VC, I highly recommend The Right Coast, a group of University of San Diego law profs. All are excellent, but Tom Smith's writings on topics of all sorts is on a higher plane than what you will find most anywhere.