VC T-Shirt:

A commenter to my March Madness winner post asked where one can get a Volokh Conspiracy t-shirt. At Cafe Press here.


The link is now fixed.

anomdebus (mail):
4.9.2009 1:01pm
Logic Checker:
That link doesn't seem to go to Cafe Press.
4.9.2009 1:30pm
Rock On:
Those are some ugly shirts.
4.9.2009 2:23pm
David Berke:
I would probably buy a Volokh Conspiracy t-shirt, but not that one - I think the site deserves more than a generic text block.
4.9.2009 2:51pm
I think it needs a photo of Eugene, at the very least.
4.9.2009 3:04pm
DaveHeal (mail):
I'm with David Berke. I bet you could sell quite a few of these if they didn't look like a bumper sticker affixed to an undershirt.
4.9.2009 3:19pm
Curt Fischer:
Are there any VC-related T-shirts which talk about university governance?
4.9.2009 4:06pm
Amanda B (mail):
So excited when I saw the post, not so excited when I saw the t-shirt.
4.9.2009 5:40pm
Barrister's Handshake (mail) (www):
Wow it's like you guys try to make the site and now shirts as ugly as possible. Even FedSoc has better gear. I recommend you talk with the marketing folks at Ranger Up. (Note the models, oh yeah, and there's a t-shirt with a logo there too).

Perhaps a contest for best t-shirt and best website redesign are in order? The winner gets to blog here for 30 days or something similarly useless that only one of us reader's would want. As for models...doesn't UCLA have some talent?
4.9.2009 5:56pm
Barrister's Handshake (mail) (www):
"are in order?" I failed grammar, or maybe I was distracted by the UCLA talent.
4.9.2009 5:58pm
Ow, those shirts! "Weak! Weak as water!" to quote a favorite social critic. And I'm unanimous about that.
4.9.2009 6:02pm
frankcross (mail):
Agreed on the need for better design.
Perhaps something with photos of the conspirators?
Or maybe you need a catchy logo.
4.9.2009 6:40pm
CDR D (mail):

...I didn't know there were VC products for sale. I'd consider a t-shirt if they had a little more flash.

Maybe add something in Latin... maybe something like "summum ius, summum iniuria".

Also, add a pocket on the left breast. For my spectacles. ;-)
4.9.2009 7:41pm
Lisafirstjadefr (mail) (www):
4.9.2009 9:22pm
liberty (mail) (www):
I would expect a little more creativity with the shirts.
4.10.2009 11:16pm

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