The Feeders of Bush 43:
The list of OT09 Supreme Court clerks over at ATL is further confirmation that the two leading "feeders" of the Bush 43 judges are Brett Kavanaugh of the DC Circuit and Jeffrey Sutton of the Sixth Circuit, with Michael McConnell of the Tenth Circuit coming in third place.

  It will be interesting to see which other Bush 43 judges end up feeding over time. I don't know the hiring practices of the different judges, and which of them are trying to hire clerks that are viable at 1 First Street, but I would think Steve Colloton on the Eighth and Neil Gorsuch on the Tenth are judges to watch, plus perhaps Ray Kethledge on the Sixth and Debra Livingston on the Second.

  Lat's post is also interesting because he reminds me that there hasn't been any sign so far (at least that I know of) that Justice Souter has interviewed any clerks for positions that would start this summer.
For what it's worth, here's one potential list of the most prestigious Bush appointees, although their feeder potential remains largely uncertain: Callahan, Colloton, Griffith, Gorsuch, Ikuta, Kavanaugh, McConnell, Pryor, Sutton, and Sykes as the "top 10."
4.15.2009 3:57pm
DrGrishka (mail):
Hasn't JRB sent a number of clerks up? Wiki lists 2 thus far. Sure these are not Wilkinson/Kozinski numbers, but respectable.
4.15.2009 5:35pm
Donald (mail) (www):
Judge Sutton has proven himself to be an excellent jurist and is respected by both ends of the political spectrum in the highly contentious Sixth Circuit. I was surprised he didn't get a harder look for a Bush SCOTUS appointment.
4.15.2009 6:04pm
Former 6th Cir. Clerk:
Donald, on what are you basing your opinion about Sutton? I clerked on the 6th and, although I would say he is respected in a general sense, your comment comes across as an overstatement of his stature and the degree of respect he has from his left-leaning colleagues.
4.15.2009 6:43pm

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