And, In Some Judicial Opinions, It Hasn't Been:
"With some statutes punctuation has been used to indicate that a phrase set off by commas is independent of the language that followed."

         -- United States v. Sablan, 92 F.3d 865, 867 (9th Cir. 1996).
Fenster McManus (mail):
Oh, that is funny.
5.31.2009 1:20pm
dmv (www):
Not really. If you look at the case, you'll see that Chief Judge Hug (which is the funnier part of it to me) is describing something completely different than what Orin implies in his title + quote.
5.31.2009 1:25pm
Gone Fission':
dmv, you must be really fun at parties.
5.31.2009 2:22pm
dmv (www):

You have no idea. :D
5.31.2009 4:29pm
Dilan Esper (mail) (www):
Where's Victor Borge when we need him?
5.31.2009 8:36pm
Joseph Slater (mail):
I'm guessing Chief Judge Hug has empathy.
5.31.2009 8:39pm
dmv: I think you mean, "...describing something completely different from what Orin implies in his title + quote."

Professor Kerr: link, please.
5.31.2009 10:16pm
I don't get it. Or any of the comments except possibly the last one. Where in to quoted sentence is the phrase that's supposed to be set off by commas?
5.31.2009 10:58pm
Dave N (mail):

If I were writing the quoted sentence, I would have put a comma between the words "statute" and "punctuation." But that's just me.
5.31.2009 11:28pm
Dave N:

So would I. But I assume that "set off by commas" means to use at least two commas, probably one at the beginning of the phrase and one at the end.
6.1.2009 12:10am
einhverfr (mail) (www):
cvt-- good point. Otherwise, it would be "set off by a comma...."
6.1.2009 12:43am
einhverfr (mail) (www):
How about this punctuation?:
"With some statutes, punctuation has been used to indicate that a phrase, set off by commas, is independent of the language that followed."

There. Got three in for you :-)
6.1.2009 12:44am
Sorry if the post was too subtle or just not as funny as I thought.

As for eyesay's "Professor Kerr: link, please," I don't know if the case is available free online, but with the citation you should be able to find it if it is.
6.1.2009 3:45am
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