Ken Anderson Signing In:

My thanks to the Senior Conspirator for the invitation to join the Merry Band - I have long been a fan and admirer of the Volokh Conspiracy and I am honored to take part.

Some of the band I have known - Eric Posner, Ilya Somin, several others, but I was delighted to meet Eugene and Orin for the first time at a lunch in DC two weeks ago. I'm sure many of you have had the pleasure of meeting someone in person for the first time whose work you have enjoyed on a blog, and are pleased to discover that they are as charming in person as on the screen. I look forward to meeting the other Conspirators in real life, as too many VC's readers. It is a genuine honor to join this group.

As Eugene said in his introduction, I also post over at the international law professor blog Opinio Juris, and I will continue to do so. But my interests run more broadly than international law - my day job is international business and finance professor, and in my pro bono and other work I do nonprofit law, international philanthropy, and development finance. So VC, being so broad church in its interests, is a great place for me. I also blog on quite specialized academic topics related to warfare, terrorism, and such things from a theoretical, political science, social science perspective at the Complex Terrain Lab (CTLab), but that is on quite specialized things.

I won't ordinarily be so biographical, but perhaps a little bit about me in an inaugural post might be helpful.

rosetta's stones:
Welcome, KA. That resume is major.

I think you'll need every bit of it, if you carry out your plans to write about "Ethics for Robot Soldiers".

And careful around here, 'cause you start combining the 2A and robots and you might just blow this whole place apart. ;-)
6.1.2009 10:01pm
Barrister's Handshake (mail) (www):
gotta love a guy with a bio like that...un-pigeonholeable
6.1.2009 10:24pm
Leo Marvin (mail):
Barrister's Handshake,

What are you talking about, "un-pigeonholeable?" He sounds like every other hippie, Mormon, tax, human rights and military wonk cellist with extreme left and right wing associations.

(Welcome, Professor.)
6.1.2009 10:49pm
Welcome, Ken!
6.1.2009 11:13pm
CDU (mail) (www):
6.1.2009 11:43pm
Go Bengals!

I was disappointed that you were too modest to mention your all-time NFL record for completion percentage for a season, but I hadn't realized that you'd been so busy off the field.

Can't tell you how excited I am to have my all-time favorite player here at the VC though. How's Big Ben, BTW?
6.2.2009 12:21am
In all seriousness, it is tremendously exciting to have Kenneth Anderson among the Conspirators. Just hope that you're ready for comments far more idiosyncratic than mine above.

This, referring to Soros, is priceless:

"I have never let his sometime old-fashioned European social democratic tendencies distress me."

Old-fashioned, indeed. If only our Progressive colleagues were in on the joke!

'The Moral Psychology of Finance'

Sounds fascinating. Beats old-fashioned Alchemy any day.
6.2.2009 1:04am
non to Stendhal, s'il vous plait:
No more Sundays with Stendhal, thanx. :)

I do however look forward to you jousting with Eric P. on international law.
6.2.2009 1:26am
Wonderful, and welcome.

Loved the Soros quote, but the Claremont characterization? Even in my four years in Claremont (35 years ago), the place changed dramatically, and continues to do so. Still a college town, yes, but much less isolated, physically and otherwise, than before.
6.2.2009 9:18am
Thief (mail) (www):
Welcome aboard!
6.2.2009 11:45am
Yet another welcome! I don't think I've ever seen a more fascinating or wide ranging publication list. No need to apologize for not being Janos Starker too.
6.2.2009 1:29pm

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