Computer Crime Law Casebook, 2nd Edition:
The second edition of my award-winning* Computer Crime Law casebook will be coming out this fall, and it will be available for use in the Spring 2010 semester. The book is keeping the same format and length, but it has many new cases and covers the statutory changes since the 1st edition came out in 2006.

  Parts of the book have been considerably rewritten in response to new developments. For example, the materials on applying the Fourth Amendment to computer networks are almost entirely new; I had to replace the "what will this look like when courts finally get there" approach of the 1st edition with a "here's what the courts have said so far" approach in the second. I think the only new section is a subchapter dedicated to government efforts to get around encryption: It covers both the Fourth Amendment and Fifth Amendment issues. I also plan to put together a teacher's manual, but at this point I haven't yet written it.

  If anyone is interested in using the book to teach from it, just let me know and I'd be happy to talk you through how I approach the course and what to cover. I should also add that a lot of people using the book are adjuncts who are practicing lawyers, many current or former computer crime prosecutors. You don't need to be a full-time law professor to teach from the book. Anyway, sorry about the advertisement; I just wanted to flag the new edition for those interested.

    * Ok, so the award was given by my mom: Best Computer Crime Law Casebook By My Son, 2006. But hey, I needed a hook.
Doug Berman (mail) (www):
Hey, you can say that your casebook has won multiple awards: I happen to have a certificate that names your book the Best Crime-Related Casebook By A Person Named Orin That Berman Keeps Meaning to Read That Is Currently Being Revised, 2009.
6.2.2009 7:19am
Does this mean you owe me a beer?
6.2.2009 8:12am
Ok, so the award was given by my mom: Best Computer Crime Law Casebook By My Son, 2006. But hey, I needed a hook.

Since it's substantially an internet crime textbook, perhaps it should be in the running for one or ten of those awards that every other website appears to have won.
6.2.2009 8:33am
Can't find a good name:
How many computer crime law casebooks published in 2006 did your mom read?

I would have held out for Best Computer Crime Law Casebook, 2006, According to Orin's Mom, Whether or Not Written by Her Son.
6.2.2009 11:09am

This may be stretching your relevance requirements, but I was hoping to get your take on Obama's speech re: cybersecurity on Friday. Does his promise for a cybersecurity "coordinator" provide any substantive benefits or was it just more empty rhetoric? Somewhere in-between?

A summary of his Friday speech and proposal is here.
6.2.2009 11:14am

Good question: I find it hard to tell, which is why I didn't end up blogging on it.

6.2.2009 11:48am

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