More proof that the Internet is the greatest invention ever. The quality of the jokes varies; this one is my favorite. A long setup, but well worth it.
Jeff Walden (www):
Indeed a good one; I find this one also to be quite good, with a similarly long setup to the final line. (I have no experience with this joke genre, however, so don't take this as a particularly authoritative statement on its absolute quality -- just that I really enjoyed it.)
6.3.2009 5:07am
jukeboxgrad (mail):

I find this one also to be quite good

I agree. Did you notice the minor, confusing error? At 00:38, he says "So Gottesman went to …" when he means to say "So Schwartz went to …"

I watched a bunch of them, and I find that even when the punch line is weak, I still enjoy the whole thing because there's so much personality and warmth in the delivery. Some of my favorites so far:

"Morris And Jake"
"D Batteries"
"White Wedding"
"The Pope"

And I like the one Orin recommended.

The attitude of the site reminded me of the excellent Heeb Magazine. Then I noticed they have Heeb on their 'blogroll.' Maybe some of the same people are involved.

One slight concern, though. The people behind this site seem to hope that a witty old Jew with the richness of his experiences would more often than not tell a better joke than a young non-Jew who hasn't lived that life. Where is
6.3.2009 8:02am
Hannibal Lector:
There's nothing new under the sun. The "Drobkin" story is very similar to one from the Thousand and One Nights. It must have Sephardic origins ;-)
6.3.2009 8:15am
Hannibal, you want retired dentists to have new material? Mel Brooks doesn't have new material.
6.3.2009 8:23am
Andy L.:
I love the way he laughs after he gives the punchline. Like he is so pleased with himself. Funny.
6.3.2009 8:56am
Sasha Volokh (mail) (www):
"Honda" is silly, but really unexpected.
6.3.2009 9:17am
Sasha Volokh (mail) (www):
Also, "The Pope" is surprising, though there's nothing particularly Jewish about it. (There is a Jewish joke involving the Pope -- I was hoping it was that one -- but it wasn't.)
6.3.2009 9:25am
I highly recommend Bobka.
6.3.2009 9:50am
Rodger Lodger (mail):
I believe an old Jewish man tells a better joke than a Christian woman, but I'm not running for any judicial office.
6.3.2009 11:28am
Tony Tutins (mail):
The website raises a question: which is older, the Jew or the joke?
6.3.2009 2:22pm
Andrew Hyman (mail) (www):
Thanks Orin, that was wonderful. :-)

BDF and ADF, instead of BC and AD.
6.3.2009 2:56pm

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