OLC in the Budget:

The Department of Justice's FY 2010 budget request includes materials discussing and describing the role of the Office of Legal Counsel within the Department. (Hat tip: Ed Richards at LSU.)

mls (www):
I was interested to learn yesterday that there are 5 deputies at OLC. It used to be that there was one deputy slot reserved for a career person (of which there are only a handful at OLC). This tradition was ended during the Reagan administration, but was restored a couple of years ago under Bush.
6.3.2009 10:21am
rosetta's stones:
They're asking for a 15% budget increase, year over year. Gotta grow every possible budget in government, I guess. Hope you like the change. Plus, you can never have too many shysters running around.

Let's call this a part of the Shyster Stimulus Package. We have much work to do in this area, so let's all get busy.
6.3.2009 11:40am

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