The White House Case for Sotomayor:

NRO has posted a copy of the White House talking points defending Sonia Sotomayor that were provided to GOP Senators in advance of the judge's early meet-and-greets on Capitol Hill.

Having a well-organized operation is a good thing. What?....That's not your point?
6.4.2009 1:04pm
ruuffles (mail) (www):
In just over 50 mins, the White house will be releasing her questionnaire!!!!!!!!! yay! (from politico)
6.4.2009 1:09pm
ruuffles (mail) (www):
pdfs are online now

6.4.2009 3:59pm
davod (mail):
Yes but is it the real questionaire or the fit for publication questionaire?
6.4.2009 4:38pm
It's really amazing that the White House would provide quotes from the New York Times to back up their assertions in material that is provided to GOP Senators. Sort of as if Bush was quoting the Washington Times or the National Review to convince Democrat Senators.
6.4.2009 6:19pm

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