John Elwood Joining the Conspiracy:

I'm delighted to report that John Elwood will be joining us as a coblogger. John is a D.C. appellate lawyer, a former clerk for Justice Kennedy, and (for the last seven years) an Assistant to the Solicitor General and the senior Deputy at the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel. The cognoscenti also know him the one-time (until June 2001) author of the hilarious but also substantively informative Baker & Botts Supreme Court Reports. I've known John for years, and always much admired his work.

Welcome, John! About time we had another AMK clerk around these parts.
6.5.2009 4:03pm
Anderson (mail):
the senior Deputy at the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel.

Well, *that* should be interesting. Welcome to the snake pit, Mr. Elwood!
6.5.2009 4:09pm
Kenneth Anderson:
6.5.2009 4:17pm
Steve H (mail):
Professor Kerr, you will be sorely missed around here. But if the advice you give Senator Cornyn is in line with the approach and analysis you've presented here, the country will be the better for it.
6.5.2009 4:48pm
RPT (mail):
Well, does this mean that Sen. Cornyn will drop his opposition to Sotomayor? We can hope that Prof. Kerr's influence and counsel will bring enlightenment to a dry and arid land.
6.5.2009 5:05pm
Anderson (mail):
Oy, just saw that re: Prof. Kerr. The VC's loss is Cornyn's gain; let's hope the latter is at least equal to the former.
6.5.2009 5:12pm
ari8 (mail):
What this blog really needs is more Hoosiers.
6.5.2009 5:20pm
Anderson (mail):
Thought Ari8 wrote "Hooters" and was about to express my unqualified agreement.
6.5.2009 5:23pm
K. L. Marcus (mail):
Excellent news. Looking forward to your blogs, John.
6.5.2009 6:28pm
Welcome! Since Professor Kerr has basically introduced you as his replacement, you've got some big shoes to fill, but rumor has it you're more than up to the task!

You're no longer with DOJ, presumably? Martindale-Hubble does not have a current non-government listing for you. Where are you hanging out nowadays when not on VC?
6.5.2009 6:53pm
MarkField (mail):
I suspect Mr. Elwood will soon feel like Bobby Murcer, if he doesn't already.
6.5.2009 7:07pm
Just an Observer:
I look forward to reading John Elwood's posts.

Meanwhile, I will miss Orin Kerr's. BTW, my opinion of Sen. Cornyn just went up one click.
6.5.2009 7:21pm
New Pseudonym:
Looking forward to the sports commentary. I always did like the Broncos, even if they weren't my favorites.

Oh, never mind!
6.5.2009 7:39pm
Welcome. Mind if we just call you Jake?
6.5.2009 10:15pm
paul lukasiak (mail):
well, its good to know that he's kept busy since leaving the Broncos at the end of the last millenium....
6.6.2009 7:18am
I can't even guess if Paul and Pseudonym are confusing Elwood with Elway
6.7.2009 2:36pm
So Desiderius wins the name jokes, I guess
6.7.2009 2:37pm

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