Advertising for Advertisers:

Just thought I'd note that you can reach our readers -- at an estimated 310,000+ ad impressions per week -- for a mere $200/week, or $450/week for the upper right hand corner ad. (Those are the June 2009 prices, which may rise.) And such high-quality readers, too!

Melancton Smith:
I wouldn't advertise on a blog that would have me as a reader.
6.11.2009 12:52pm
Nathan_M (mail):
Second! (High quality indeed)
6.11.2009 12:55pm
rosetta's stones:
OK, your ad banner has gone from snuff movie, to a woman many wish would star in a snuff movie. ;-)
6.11.2009 12:59pm
All of our readers are above average in quality.
6.11.2009 1:07pm
pete (mail) (www):
The google ad I just saw on your site was for an "internet porn attorney".

I guess if I ever need one of those I at least now know that they exist.
6.11.2009 1:36pm
Sunshine is good:
Pete, that reminds me, gotta go format the old harddrives again...
6.11.2009 1:52pm
lucia (mail) (www):
Admit it. Your heart just isn't into adverstizing. If it was, you'd stuff the add banners right below the "read more" link for the full article. Even more obnoxious things could be done.
6.11.2009 1:54pm
Le Messurier (mail):
I STILL don't see any ads on you site banner or otherwise! How come?
6.11.2009 2:35pm
Le Messurier (mail):

...your site, banner or otherwise.
6.11.2009 2:36pm
ras (mail):
But as commenters we reach them for free, Eugene!
6.11.2009 3:16pm
Dilan Esper (mail) (www):
How much will it cost for title sponsorship? "The Smirnoff Vodka Volokh Conspiracy" has a nice ring to it.
6.11.2009 3:17pm
I check this sports message board from time to time. It took me at least a triple-take to realize that the banner ad didn't have anything to do with yak penis(es).
6.11.2009 3:34pm
Cato The Elder (mail):
About how many readers does Volokh have, or is that confidential?
6.11.2009 3:51pm
Adam B. (www):
According to SiteMeter, 35K/daily, and hovering around 1M reads most months.
6.11.2009 3:59pm
Prof. S. (mail):
I'm going to pay for a banner that just reminds people that they owe me a beer. I think that it will pay off.
6.11.2009 4:01pm
ChrisTS (mail):
A mere $200 dollars a week? I don't have anything worth advertising for that amount of money. (How sad is that?)
6.11.2009 5:18pm
Prof S., I think you mean, remind people that they DON'T owe you a beer.
6.11.2009 5:33pm
Cornellian (mail):
I wonder what percentage of readers are also commenters.
6.11.2009 5:59pm
Cornellian (mail):
I liked that Russian bride ad that came up when Ilya did his "Voyage to America" post. I'd rather see more of those than another Ann Coulter photo.
6.11.2009 6:01pm
guy in the veal calf office (mail) (www):
can I buy an ad for this required reading?

Also, are you only selling ads to substantiate the deduction of your web expenses against a "hobby loss" denial?
6.11.2009 8:40pm
6.11.2009 8:55pm

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